Whats happening with BTB

What is happening with this gametype. Ever since the update its very difficult for games to load in. Servers keep crashing and keep booting people out or myself from games. Too many times now that either my team or the enemy have half teams and the players won’t load in. Even when the game should be starting the start up loading shots just keep repeating over and over for like 5mins.

343 are you even working on this game at all…besides making sure the shop is updated weekly for stuff we didnt even ask for but the servers or gametypes are buggy as hell.
I’m getting really tired of having to restart the game or My xbox to play another match.

343 this isn’t a beta anymore!
If this doesn’t get fixed in the new year so many people are going to fall off from playing halo.


They acknowledged there’s a problem - check the in-game news

Problem is they couldn’t figure out why, then they all went on holiday for Christmas so you’ll have to wait a while longer I’m afraid before it’s fixed


The shop updates are automated. Guess you don’t know that some workplaces do holiday leave. Can’t wait for all the posts praising the updates once they come through, it’ll be a hilarious flip.

Duplicate thread #232 about BTB not working since Campaign launched.

343 took a month vacation. They might fix BTB by January 15th, around the Cyber Showdown event. They dropped all these other game modes from Custom Games which they said were previously impossible to add to matchmaking playlists without months of work, as a last minute bandaid patch so we weren’t stuck with Quick Play and Ranked for a month over the holidays. They’ll get around to it in a few weeks probably. Tenrai better not have BTB challenges until they fix it.

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This sucks.
I know it’s the hoildays but not until January 15th!! Imagine working for halo and having a month off to play and its buggy as hell. I mean that’s if ya can stand the sight of the game from working on it for that long. I can see myself finding another game and having fun playing that and then forget all about halo in January. Why release a game for Xmas that needs fixing and won’t patch it until the new year?

It’s a rough estimate. They had no luck patching it since campaign launched, so they dropped a few more modes and gave up for now. They could jump back into it Jan 1st, but that could still take weeks before an update patch

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