Whats gonna change with January update

Hi there in alot if post I’m reading the words January update are being mentioned alot and how people are expecting big changes but I’m not seeing any actual threads about it does anybody know any official info thanks for reading my thread hope to hear from somebody soon.

No official info.

Keep your eyes open for a new bulletin - the rest of us are doing the same.

That’s cool a lot of rumours but nothing official and I haven’t heard of any date either.

If anybody knows of anything it would be useful to be on this page I’ve heard they may alter DMR which I thought was brilliant gun until I finished the commendations for it and started another that’s when I realised it was greatly overpowered maybe the others should be amped up but as I say this is unofficial and I would like to know more.

I remember a while back ago, BS Angel wrote in a thread here they will realese Grifball and team dubbel in January. And if you have watch VGA trailer on Spartan Ops, it will be realesed 19 days ahead.

That sounds cool I like those two variants anyways maybe they won’t alter any weapons I thought that was what the update was for

idk. maybe they will add fuelrod to the loadouts?

Now you say it that’s me just realised you don’t get fuel rod cannon in multiplayer that a bit weird seeing as they have the other 2.

I heard rumors of a prestige system like COD… ANy surprises there?

I’d say the prestige mode is already here (specializations) but they may add more

When is it supposed to release anyway? And BTW Happy New Year, folks. :slight_smile:

HAPPY NEW YEAR BUDDY I don’t know when or what the update is for that’s why I made this thread