What's going on with the Spielberg Halo production

Why haven’t we heard anything more about the Steven Spielberg halo production? I know Microsoft made a deal with Showtime, which is kinda promising that it will be at least better than Halo: Nightfall. But with it supposedly premiering this fall, why haven’t I heard of them starting filming, or even casting? The other thing that bothers me is Xbox entertainment studios closing, has to effect the budget Microsoft is now willing to spend on the project. Meaning, are they going to write it as a one season done, or are they going to invest it to be a multiple season show, and role the dice if it fails. I think that is the main issue with Nightfall and Forward Unto Dawn, was that the show/episodes were to short and could not dive deep into the story having to cut corners in storytelling to wrap up production. Same would happen if they dip their toes in and realize the waters to cold.

Beats me :frowning:

I assume it’s because they are having a hard time reaching me, to ask me to play Chief/Cortana/Johnson.

Comic con maybe?

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> Comic con maybe?

Yeah probably or maybe E3.

They will say something about it on the E3, that’s pretty sure.