Whats everyones favourite Halo game/spinoff?

Whats everyonesfavourite halo game? Just wanting some friendly discusion

My favourite was Halo 3:ODST because it was such a different experience than being an all-powerful alien -Yoink–kicking badass super space marine soldier but instead you were just a rookie on an elightening (and epic) journey to find his squad and get tf out of where ever they were ( i dont remember where he and his team were)

Ill have to say ODST i love their armor.

ODST and Reach are tied for me. A lot of people don’t like ODST for some reason. :frowning:
Maybe its people who only play multiplayer.

Halo reach will ways be my favorite.

The emotion and grit shown in Reach makes it the best Halo by far.

I am also tied with Reach and Halo 3 because the graphics and gameplay were stimulated in such a way that made you feel amazing while unintentionally making an entire race extinct

Reach. Always. Such an amazing game with so much customization wherever you go. You can see your Spartan in the cutscenes instead of a fixed model, you can play as an Elite with intimidating armor, a lot of variety in Custom Games… it’s just amazing.

Halo CE and Halo 3 are my favorite Halo games.

Of the ‘non-numbered’ games, I would say Halo Wars 1 and Halo Reach.

Honestly, I love them all except for Halo Wars 2.

My favorite is halo reach because the story is different than all of the halo games. Unlike the other Halo games there is no happy ending.

Halo Reach will always be my favorite but I love all the other Halo games especially Halo 3: ODST.

Halo reach is my fav