What's de noobiest thing u've dun/seen in any halo

ever… For me it was seeing people turn on active camo in halo 4 and then aim with a binary rifle
the noobiest thing I’ve done was power drain myself in halo 3 before I mastered the power drains physics etc too used to flinging nades for that thing

I tried to peek around a corner and throw a plasma nade, but it bounced back and stuck me in the face.

That’s when I learned that that it mattered that your spartan throws with his left hand. Whether you’re peeking to the right or left makes a difference.

I have lost 3 banshees because my brain sometimes ask “hey what is the x-button for” and my body instantly responds “lets find out”

I tried rocket jumping in Reach FF. Thought I was in a custom game for whatever reason still.

Fired a rocket at an opponent at point-blank range.

I had a Lawgiver (shotgun variant) and 3 speed boost and I was ready for a kill streak, I arrive to the enemy base and I saw one guy, so I tried to kill him. Big mistake he had a shotgun :'v
I lost everything.

Noob combo duh its in the name

Seeing people walk into splinter grenades haha.

When I forgot what team I was on and shot gunned one of my teammates who walked around the corner.