Whats coming on launch?

Honestly completely killed the game for me. Cant even play what I want.

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Hopefully we get a FF or Warzone with a FF option or something like it because I know there are a lot of people who like to sit back and just destroy aliens because I’m one of them and that’s all I do in H5 anymore and there’s a -Yoink!--load of people to do it with that all want something similar in Infinite.


I think they will add Firefight eventually, but I highly doubt it will be in on launch. Probably won’t even make season 1, which ends in May. Hopefully it makes season 2 with at least 2 or 3 FF maps.

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Hopefully they do, plus they would need to add Rumble Pit, my brother has played at least 1 million matches of it in MCC, he’s not a very good player but he is definitely dedicated 'cause he’s gotten to the highest rank possible from just playing and he’s happy to get a single kill per game. He doesn’t do any of the challenges at all.

The customization System, lack of content and Crossplay kills the game for me. There are few Player who bought a skin for 10 bucks the rest looks like everyone else…


I kinda like the free ones better myself anyways.

I say two things point that there may at least be something.

  1. Achievement called MEDIC! it says to revive three teammates in an elimination round, that currently is not attainable.
  2. Listed in their known issues for Theater mode, on Dec 8th, you can no longer watch any of your files that were saved before that day. Meaning on launch, Theater mode will not be compatible with the beta save files.

I can see an MP patch or at the very least an announcement of one a couple of weeks after launch. I imagine whilst we’re in the countdown for campaign thats where 343s focus will be.

Hopefully 120fps support for us Series S owners!

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Halo 5 launched with 21 maps for 3 years development. This game launches with 10 maps, no coop and no Forge, no firefight/warzone for 6 years development.


From the data mines, a few vehicles and weapons which we don’t have access to have been found.

MP wise no clue if they will be in the game or not.

Well of course Infinite map pool is going to be smaller than MCC, the games in MCC has been out for several years now.

But halo 5 used the same modified engine as all the other games. Halo infinite’s engine was built from the ground up. That took alot of the extra dev time.

*they should have contracted other studios to make maps tho. Like they have done in the past.

Probably the only thing that is coming out on launch is Campaign at the rate they’re going, yes I’m venting but I have good reason to.

I’d say probably not unless they make sure we have to pay for it first.

Yeah I’d like the ability to pick what gametype I want to play. I really don’t understand how this game launched without that ability.

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A tsunami of rage. Alot of people are still holding out hope that Dec.8th will be the magic day that fixes the game. They are in for a rude awakening.

“Never go full mobile” 343 didnt listen to that advice.

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Halo 4: we hired people who don’t like Halo to make Halo

Halo 5: We hired people who don’t like know what Halo is to make Halo

Halo Infinite: We hired people who don’t know what a development is to make this weird thing called Hello

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Nothing. You are playing the launch bro

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Campaign is coming. And we know that there will be unlocks for MP within it, but what they will be is still TBC in my opinion.

The Chaz datamine suggested that there were no armour pieces, but I don’t put much stock in that, considering its not clear how he got the information, and the overall tone of his post (and subsequent posts) seam a little baity.
I’m not holding my breath, though.

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