Whats coming on launch?

Has there been any official info about more maps and playlists and all that stuff coming on launch? Just i see a lot of people thinking theres gonna be a big day 1 update but i am a bit worried where not much has been said that this is gonna be it on day one which if it is the case the game will die very quickly from a casual sense


I don’t think anything but the launch of the campaign is coming. I think people are expecting something to happen, but from the sounds of a tweet I saw earlier I think the majority of devs aren’t even in this week.


Sounds like nothing but would be good to get anything really. Doubles playlist anyone? I feel like Infinite gameplay would be PERFECT FOR multi-team social playlist. Let’s introduce a new generation of gamers to 2v2v2v2.

Would be nice if they did something to celebrate it, but I can’t pretend I’m not going to spend most my time in the campaign.

For me i just dont get the lack of playlists, even more so after halo 5s launch just makes no sense to me at all


Swat will launch in February as Tactical Slayer, Tactical CTF,… as Event. This is disgusting…


I really hope not as swat is one of my favorite things to play, something i would expect to be there at launch

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There are some leaks and it looks like they’re gonna be true. Fiesta as a Event was Just the beginning (and a joke…)

The Person that decides -Yoink!- like this should be fired…


I have to admit, the pool of mp maps in infinite is rather small compared to the games in the mcc.

I hope more will be added sooner rather than in months like they are making us wait for forge and co-op.

5 long months…grrr

After years of waiting for this game and 343i stating that this MP release is still at beta stage, surely they wouldn’t make such a big basic mistake as to launch without more maps and playlists. This game will die out pretty fast if the intention is to drip feed content.

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We don’t know about playlists. We have our hopes with nothing to back them up except an achievement tied to a game mode that is not yet out.

As for maps, I believe all the launch maps are already out.

I don’t think anyone outside of 343 knows what’s coming on the 8th, but there will be something. Every game gets a Day 1 patch, so something will be added/taken away.

Official announcement:

While you may experience some bumps and bugs during this beta period, it does mark the official start of Halo Infinite Season 1, with all day-one maps and modes enabled as well as the full Season 1 Battle Pass.

All day-one maps and modes are enabled so I don’t think we’re getting much else at launch. That said, they did enable fiesta mode this week so there maybe some things added (hopefully).

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I would like to see a list of what you get in the game on release day!

Um dude… Forge is delayed to May. Custom game browser will probably come when Forge is released if you are lucky. Otherwise it might come even later.

As for paying for the game it unlocks nothing but Campaign. So if you dont play singleplayer in any game dont buy infinite…However, that would be a mistake because Halo has been known to have some of the best FPS campaigns and it would be a shame to miss out on infinite. The campaign is getting pretty good praises.

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I’d hope they add a few maps and playlists on launch day :face_with_monocle:

It’s been confirmed that the beta has all day 1 maps and modes, but that doesn’t mean we want get playlists were we can actually select our game mode. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though.

Their blog post said that this is day 1 maps and modes. Nothing really big will be coming day 1. Hopefully dedicated playlists will be added but I doubt we’re going to see anything big.

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Yeah but does it stay or leave with the event?

Nothing official, but lots of stuff has been datamined which will presumably be in the game on launch, like Infection and 3 more maps. I’m hoping that in addition to those, we get a few other playlists, like separate Team Slayer and Team Objective playlists for both Ranked and Quickplay/Social, Team SWAT, and maybe a few others.

There is also a new event coming in December at some point called Winter Contingency. The name would seem to imply that a Snow themed map will be added to the game before that point, presumably at launch.

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Yeah I love Swat also but Swat CTF sounds like a joke.