Whats a good leader to play as and why?

HALO WARS: I prefer forge because he can get resources quick and I’m mesmerised with the power of the grizzly.

HALO WARS 2: I always go for Jerome-092 because I always seem to do well with him as a leader. And his spartan moral ability has a good affect when it comes to heavy battles. I barley use omega team but when I do it’s a gift and I chose them over a condor.

I haven’t used many other leaders in halo wars 2 but I’d like to know why players use them.

Shipmaster is my favourite. He feels very powerful with his leader powers. The ability to move his units fast with cloak and teleport slow units around the map is pretty strong.

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I have not used many leaders as well. I pretty much stuck with Anders. Don’t know why exactly, maybe its because I like to summon all of those Sentinels.