Whats a good leader to play as and why?

HALO WARS: I prefer forge because he can get resources quick and I’m mesmerised with the power of the grizzly.

HALO WARS 2: I always go for Jerome-092 because I always seem to do well with him as a leader. And his spartan moral ability has a good affect when it comes to heavy battles. I barley use omega team but when I do it’s a gift and I chose them over a condor.

I haven’t used many other leaders in halo wars 2 but I’d like to know why players use them.

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Shipmaster is my favourite. He feels very powerful with his leader powers. The ability to move his units fast with cloak and teleport slow units around the map is pretty strong.


I have not used many leaders as well. I pretty much stuck with Anders. Don’t know why exactly, maybe its because I like to summon all of those Sentinels.

For HW1, Captain Cutter is pretty useful since the Elephant can lock down next to the enemy base and churn out tons of Marines to overwhelm the enemy base. Also, the Arbiter is pretty good since his unit abilities are really powerful when upgraded and he has Suicide Grunts.

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Any and all. Depends on what tactics you seek to use in that match.
Lately I have been enjoying playing as SgtMaj. Johnson all because of the Bunker Drops providing a lot of Lines of Sights that allow myself and my teammates to utilize Active Leader Powers against an approaching army, such as Scatter Bomb from my buddy Forge as Player 2 or my pal Kinsano’s Inferno.

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HW2 was very good at making all the leaders fun to play… My weakest leader was Kisano (by far). I know she can be very good when pairing her drops with leader special ability, but I could never pull it off. Strongest objectively is probably Shipmaster because vision, plus movement (teleport, displace, etc.), plus beam. But its not by much. My favorite UNSC is probably Cutter for the additional troop speed.

HW multiplayer meta was always around UNSC warthogs or scorpions v. Cov Banshees… Anders (for tech buff) and Forge (eco buff) were generally superior, even though I loved Cutter and playing ODSTs. Lvl 3 Prophet harass was also very powerful. I generally preferred Chieftain on the Cov. side, but unless you caught the hogs with vortex you could be in big trouble.

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