whatever happened to the free MS points

just curious i haven’t heard any updates on this and was wondering what happened to the MS points for playing a certain amount of hours.

They get deposited in like 1 - 2 months. That’s usually how long it takes, well for me.

Yeah, I was wondering about that myself. I know that they track that kind of thing, they send me emails every month detailing my play time for the previous month.

Maybe they are just waiting until all of that is tallied. MS has a lot on their plate right now with the specialization stuff (Didn’t get a code? You’ll get access when everyone does) and now the map pack (Free for some, not others, LE and Map Pass people will receive NO compensation) so I can wait for some free points

i’m not in a rush for them but i figured if i had to pay the to maps(i missed the free bug) then i would use those points if they would be giving them out soon…oh well thanks for the help