Whatever happened to hollywood halo?

Oh how i miss Imsuck and the rest of hollywood halo… Not many people probably remember them still but they made a whole bunch of machinima that were ACTUALLY funny and made HMV Hell series. I guess they had their 5 seconds of fame in the glorious years of Halo 2, 05-07 :frowning:

Most of halo 3’s machimima was good


You know what I really miss? Playing with and doing trick jumping with people from Jump Tactics in Halo 2. I had underDOGG on my list for a long time, then he disappeared.

Look im suck on youtube, he still makes machinimas. Including a Halo Reach HMV: Hell

I miss the old matchmaking machinima. I loved those guys but the later episodes they made just weren’t funny anymore.

Definitely remember them and miss them. imSuck still makes videos though, as he has an HMV Hell Reach. Hella funny, and hella talented with those camera angles.