What you liked and didn't like in the reveal

Well, I got a temporary ban these past few days for supposedly talking about the leak (but I actually didn’t know there was a leak, I just knew about Josh’s tweet) and I could only read community opinions, until today- that is. I see it’s a very mixed bag. So, in an attempt to focus the ramblings into one thread rather than tens of new ones sprouting every day… Let me begin.

What I liked:
-The new mobility options: mobility is one of the biggest pillars of Arena gameplay, and adding more complex and interesting options on that front is the perfect way to evolve Halo’s multiplayer at this point (regardless of this being a trend by now that we can see in Titanfall, Destiny, the new COD and so on). This is also bound to affect the map design in a GOOD way.
-Making Thrusters a base trait is a good move, and adding more usage (the Stabilizers, the Ground Pound) is also great- especially because they play off of one another really well. If you see someone floating for a Ground Pound, quickly thrust away to dodge it, and it leaves the attacker a sitting duck until the animation is over.
-On Sprint: I never expected it to be cut from Halo 5. I’m sorry, classic fans, but it was not going to happen. What I do like about it is the balancing with the shields not recharging while Sprinting. I would have still preferred de-Sprint, but I can see that being problematic since people could just de-Sprint eachother from the other side of the map (which could be annoying).
-Sprint abilities- Sprinting is now an accelaration, so you start slow until you reach max speed. You can sprint non-stop, and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad (the Beta will tell). We also get two cool new abilities when we reach max speed: Charge for a more powerful yet very risky melee, and Slide to quickly move into cover or close a gap between yourself and the enemy for better use of CQC weapons (it will be great with the shotgun). I like them both.
-The lore behind the Prophet’s Bane is fantastic! This is the first truly legendary weapon in Halo, and I hope there will be more like it. I’ll tackle how it looks later.
-The graphics are great! Not jaw droppingly great, but still great. The armor looks miles better than it did in 4, much more bulky, yet still very slim and quick. Also, I haven’t seen an ugly Halo 5 armor set (which is something I can’t exactly say about 4). The maps themselves also look good. I like Crossfire’s reflective blue lights. I’m less happy with the weapon designs, but more on that later.
-The maps! Crossfire looks like a smaller version of Hang 'Em High and I love it. It’s a pure Arena map! Truth is Midship, and it’s awesome. I still can’t wrap my head around Empire, but I like what I’ve seen so far.
ETA: The new CSR, as decribed on twitter, seems really neat. I’ll probably be an Iron, though :confused:

What I didn’t like:
-Smart Scope: do I hate it? No. But I also don’t like it… I don’t see what it adds to the gameplay other than satisfying the crowds that are used to ADS. It’s mostly just a reskin of zoom (and in my opinion, zoom looked better…) and it works with every weapon. I don’t see how weapons like the AR will benefit from this, and the feature seems tacked on in my opinion. I hope I warm up to it when I get to play the Beta.
-The weapon designs. Color me surprised, because I LOVED Halo 4’s weapon designs, but Halo 5’s really don’t do it for me. Some of the weapons (the AR, the Sniper) look exactly like the Halo 4 versions, which I guess is not bad but still a bit disappointing. Then there’s the SMG and the BR which have a completely unfitting scope and make the whole weapon look weird (in my opinion). And finally, the Prophet’s Bane. Such a legendary weapon deserves to look prettier than that… The shape is really weird- it pales in comparison with the beauty of the original Energy Sword.

Your turn! Just one rule:
-Write constructive posts, not just “this isn’t Halo”, “Halo is dead” and “Sprint is terrible” or whatever


I 100% agree with everything you just said. I think that for the prophets bane (awesome name though) should have a more sleek design and a super intricate pattern in the energy part of it.