What you like and don't like about forge world

Post your favourite and dislikes on forge world and then compare them to other users

I love that u can do a ton more than halo 3, rotation snap is really cool. I wish that they kinda had a more in depth guide, for the advanced features, not just simple stuff.

I think I would really appreciate if Forge World had a better variety of terrains, or of ecospheres. Some snow on one of the mountaintops, or some jungle, or other areas like that would be nice to have and provide a variety of spaces to forge in.
Lots of maps I’ve seen are starting to bleed together in my mind because they are too similar.

Above poster for the win.

Hi timeomatics,

While I think everyone would be more than happy with more variety to the forge maps we are able to create, it is worth noting that this is one of the most powerful map editors available on any console. Bungie has give players the power to create almost anything (taking into consideration limits that will affect gameplay). The more textures and locale’s available would only decrease the number of forge-able pieces available. It may seem that the maps are all similar at first glance, but every Forge World map I have played on has played VERY differently. Check out some of the newest maps at places like ForgeHub and B.net.


I love Forge World and I bet that 1 or 2 more may ship with DLC (possibly). I would only add that it would be nice if the game allowed the map creator to pick a screen shot of the Forge World for map selection purposes just as it allows you to pick a starting camera angle. This would especially be nice when voting between maps such as Paradiso, Pinnacle, Cage, ect… which all feature the same screen shot from Forge World. Sometimes I forget what they are when I’m voting for them…