What you guys *have to realize.

You guys can complain all that you want, but let’s face it, Halo 5 is the most balanced game that will come out on console since Halo 3. You will not be killed with 4 bullets like COD. You won’t be taken out by airstrikes that COD camper got. You won’t be taken out by a sniper who was prone on a hill a freakin mile away like in Battlefield. Here’s what WILL happen. You, your teammates and your enemies will spawn with an MA5B 32 round assault rifle and an M6 magnum. You will learn the spawns of BRs and DMRs, and when you pick one up, you will shoot an enemy 3 times in the body, and finish them off with a head shot just like every other Halo. If you crouch by a corner with a rapid ire smg, you will NOT kill an enemy with 4 bullets. Instead, a skilled player may stick you, 4 shot you, or something else. You will see an enemy gearing up to slam you with a ground pound, but you will be able to boost out of the way if you have proper timing, and prevent the cheap instakill attack. Let’s face it, Halo 5 is not the abomination that you guys think it is. Halo 5 has mechanics that spice it up a bit, but it still manages to preserver much of the old formula that we all know and love. If you don’t get Halo 5, simply out of spite, then have fun missing out on this balanced game. Well, it’s at least a lot more balanced than the COD and BF games that you will retreat to.