What would your ideas be for Halo 6

I have 2 ideas my first one would be implementing the flood in to warzone and the way i imagine is halfway thru a random match palmer or whoever you choose as the announcer says “hi jacked ship inbound” then a flaming ship crash lands and the flood spores come out along with various other flood. The spores will infect the marines in the bases essentially turning the base in to one of there own and the team or opposing team has to win it back from the flood. My second would be getting a special halo ce pistol the pistol would be a commemory to the chief having 117 engraved on the barrel of the pistol inorder to unlock it the players will have to play the campaign on legendary and find the weapon parts to assemble the pistol. Those are my ideas i would like to see implimented what about yours?

There are a few active H6 wishlist threads over in General Discussion. Feel free to add to one of those.