What would you like to see in the next Halo: Reach Map Pack?

One thing I got to say I was disappointed about with the Halo Anniversary Map Pack was the lack of new Forge pieces. They didn’t give us much of a variety of new pieces to work with at all. All 343i (or Certain affinity or whoever in charge of the map making) did was take the same boring, grey, dull Forerunner pieces from the Forge World Pallet, and dump them onto the new maps’ Pallet. When I went to see what I could work with on Breakneck, I was very disappointed to see that they were too lazy to at least re-skin the pieces available so that they would at least look like they belonged in New Mombasa. But nope. Boring and dull Forerunner crap. Everywhere.

What would you like to see in the next map pack for Halo: Reach? I’d love to see a massive Halo 3 BTB Mayhem map pack over this summer at some point, including Sandtrap, Foundry, Sandbox and Avalanche and a Halo 3: ODST Firefight Map remake (preferably Lost Platoon). This time however, when they bring back Sandtrap and the other 3 amazing multiplayer maps, they give us completely new Forge Pallets with new Forge piece skins, more lights, effects, and a Forge World sized budget. Also, allowing Sandtrap to be completely Forgeable, with Elephants making a return as a new vehicle. How -Yoinking!- awesome would that be?! How about you forum? What would you like to see in a new and or final Halo: Reach map pack?

I have to say i agree with everything you said 100% the gameplay of the anniversary maps was good but their was no real good new forge pieces

I don’t think that they need to make a whole new map pack. I think it will be cool if they were to make a whole other forge world, 2x bigger then the one we got now, with 2x the more things we can do with is, and they should do is with some kind of snow map.

With this being said, they should call a community map challenge, and people who download this map, get to forge on it, and they submit it to 343, if they like it, it could be used as a map in multiplayer for reach. That way we get a lot more out of the game then just a map pack.

I’d like to see, of course, a new forging space. It doesn’t have to be another forge world, it just has to have an impressive selection of forging pieces. Honestly I’d love to see another theme other than Forerunner.

Mostly I’d like to see some 4v4 maps.
In a pack, at least one symmetrical and one asymmetrical. There really aren’t any new asymmetrical 4v4 maps since launch.

And all the symmetrical maps are no good because they keep adding the low gravity sections. C’mon, they had to fix the first one (Zealot) so they made the same mistake again by making Anchor 9 and Condemned (which is almost symmetrical).

The rest of the maps are just BTB maps. They’re fine, but the core of Halo (and the competitive community) is about 4v4.

I want more invasion designed maps.

A forgable world based around Backwash or Terminal/Turf.