What would you like to see in the next DLC for Halo: Reach?

Please discuss!

I would like to see a new Forge World, with a new theme and more objects. My favourite possible location for the next Forge World is High Charity. Just Imagine Forging in the centre of Covenant society!

I would also like to see a Battle Rifle DLC, however, I don’t think it’s possible.

A mini campaign focusing on another Spartan or group of Spartans (I don’t care if they are IIs or IIIs) during the battle of Reach. Or maybe one where you play as a marine or ODST. Just more campaign. Definitely more campaign.

But since that won’t happen :’(, more firefight, remakes of classic maps, and some cool new maps.

How about a mini campaign where you play as Jun, and your mission is to get Dr. Halsey to safety?

> How about a mini campaign where you play as Jun, and your mission is to get Dr. Halsey to safety?

That could be cool. It would probably end in your death, with Halsey being stuck on the planet, leading it into First Strike.


Even if it was just two levels or something, so that it could be downloadable. That would be plenty for a campaign DLC. I would absolutely love it.

First thing i would like to see is a expanded sandtrap forgeworld covering a lot more space in the desert as well as some underground ruins and the grifball arena from the map in halo 3.

as for firefight i just want a map that is good for warthog driveing where you have a lot of space to drive around where a warthog works well. I saw a gameplay video for the map getting released in the defiant map pack and it again looks too cramped to have a really fun time with the warthog. the one on beachhead felt cramped because of how the enemys enter the map and this one feels cramped because i was expecting the battle to take place in front of the facility but it looks like its right by the facility instead. all i want is some good space for warthog driveing

as for the other map i just want something that isnt in reach. the standard maps were bad enough minus forge world and when defiant map pack came out only tempest wasnt on reach and now all the maps in this are on reach. i know this is halo reach but i just want to be able to get off the planet and go someware else forunner or not

A couple of space combat levels. It would be awesome to be in a firefight with frigates and other covenant and human vessels battling around Reach, while you try to help out the best you can in the fight in your Saber. Also it would be cool to control a frigate or The Pillar of Autumn for the last level.

Nothing like this has ever been made into DLC for Halo, just maps. So its just a fantasy, but still this would be so so so awesome if they put it in. It would probably get big money.

> How about a mini campaign where you play as Jun, and your mission is to get Dr. Halsey to safety?

I’d be happy with this. I’d be even more happy if it was released in an ODSTesque (I made that word up) fashion.

i would to see a bonus content disc with all maps from halo ce halo 2 halo 3 and firefight maps from halo 3 odst also dual wielding and transport hogs,elephant,and pelicans and finally be able to change what body type of noble team you want to use carter,jun,emile,jorge,and kat i mean their size .

A new Forge Map where instead of colours for objects like in Forge World, there would be 3 different themes. Forerunner (Like Forge World), Human and Covenant.

I find myself unable to really choose what I’d want most. I loved reading the idea about space-based Firefight. Low gravity would be an interesting twist on things.

While I know I wouldn’t mind a DLC including campaign content, I’d probably be sad by the lack of total content. A couple of hours, while fun for story, wouldn’t really do much to subdue my desire for campaign content. So maybe, for me, not having something like that would be easier to deal with.

As far as multiplayer spaces go, I don’t mind. I’ve really loved the map ideas that have come out. For me they’re all awesome. I truthfully can’t pick out one that I don’t want to play.

I would like to see a new “Forge World,” not for the lack of options, but just to change things up in the color palette. Green grass, blue skies, gray walls and rocks tend to get old after a while. My dream would be to have the next Forge World be more like a universe. Forge World in Space if you will. Imagine the different possibilities for scenery.

You could have an indoor area (like the first level of Halo 2) that includes “Earth” elements like foliage, crates, usual human stuff. This are would be inside of a ship like the map Condemned.

The next part could be like Anchor 9. Migrate a bit across space to see a damaged Covenant Cruiser with a huge gaping hole in it’s hull that allowed players to play in both regular gravity and low gravity atmospheres.

Having a Forge space in space could make it so we don’t see a lot of the same things all the time. There could be both human and Covenant spaces to play in. Keeping things fresh for every map.

We need 3 new Forge Worlds:

A city themed one.
A desert themed one.
A Covie themed one.

All need to have many new forge pieces, steady framerate, and plenty of space.

I would always appreciate more maps, but I would really like to have some campaign dlc as well. Maybe something that explains what happens to jun or maybe even a flashback where you play the original Noble Six aka Thom.

Me to have a reset hammer

> We need 3 new Forge Worlds:
> A city themed one.
> A desert themed one.
> A Covie themed one.
> All need to have many new forge pieces, steady framerate, and plenty of space.

Make the city and desert Forge World the same map, also set the Covenant themed one in space and I think you have a winning combination. :wink:

As for Campaign DLC… I’d always welcome it, but the standard for it has to be high. Some might argue higher than multiplayer. I say there must be attention to detail anyway.

Perhaps another Firefight map would be nice. Perhaps even a remake. There were several good maps in ODST with no remakes to date.

Regarding multiplayer maps, something new and excellent would be good, like Highlands (referenced for quality). I enjoy that map very much. While I’d love to see Headlong return.

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I would like to see that the people who didn’t get the blue flame would be able to get it again or do a another with both


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