What would you like to see in Halo 5?


Here are some things I would like to see/ comeback in halo 5.

  • MVP (most valuable player) I always liked te see who was the mvp of the game in halo 3 and also tried playing better each game so I would become the mvp. I would like to see it come back in halo 5 because I missed it in halo 4.

  • Top Medals, this is one of the things I really missed in halo 4. In halo 3 after you played a match, you would see immediatly if someone had a killtrocity or perfection, because it was shown in the after game screen (or what it’s called)under the MVP.
    In halo 4 if you want too know what medals people had you have to view them from each player separately, so I really hope this comes back in halo 5.

  • Halo Waypoint stats, I think they could make the halo 4 stats viewer a lot better, the top medals for example are not really top medals they are just some random medals. They should make icons smaller so you can see more in one screen so you don’t have to scroll down all the time. (So you can see weapon stats in one screen, like in the halo 3 stats viewer), they also should make a medal chest like in the halo 3 stats viewer so you can see alle medals you have earned and how much times, and see wich you never had. They should at the personal heatmaps feature you had in halo 3 so you can see where you are most killed in maps and where you get most kills.

  • Medals, I hope they improve the medals in halo 5, because now there are just to many medals, and a lot of them are not needed (Railgun kill, sniper kill etc.) so I think they should not be in halo 5. I would like to see the snipe medal (headshot with sniper) again, and also the perfection medal, now you only have a perfection commedation.

These were just some things I like to see in halo 5.

Please respond with things you would like to see in halo 5.

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Pps. I’m not a native English speaker, so there probably will be a lot of grammatic or vocabularic mistake.

I would really like ALL of the vehicles from halo wars to return. the locust will basically be like a mini scarab with an alien version of a spartan laser but it shoots a continuous stream of energy until it over heats and can have a leap ability which doubles as a mini stomp that can damage a smaller area than the mantis. secondary ability shoots a deadlier stream of energy but drains shields like in halo wars but much faster. cobra is like a Gauss light tank and plays similar to halo wars. wolverine (dual rocket pods because it looks cooler) but without the grenade launcher and this vehicle is important for destroying the vampire and seraph. the vampire should play similar to halo wars but should shoot needlers that are fast and explode with a wider radius which is good for bombing runs. seraph should also be able to drop explosives like plasma bombs or something because it should be more unique than the banshee other than the fact that it has shields and looks different. the hawk should have two seats one for a pilot who flys and mans two machine guns (or gauss cannons like in halo wars) and a copilot who mans single machine gun that is able to rotate 360 or maybe a rocket pod too. the gremlin could shoot EMP bolts like the plasma pistol but at a faster velocity and lasts for a longer duration while a secondary ability could fire a 360 EMP burst that breaks the shields of anything within its range but if a vehicle has shields and a player has over shield then multiple EMP bolts will be needed to break shields.
i think that an armor ability that allows the player to damage anything nearby by punching the ground would be cool (similar to crisis) this could be helpful if a player is surrounded or an enemy with a melee weapon is charging (this could be used in grif ball)
any opinions or improvements on these ideas?

Here’s what I want…

No Custom Classes. I’ll settle for Reach styled play, that was pretty fun.

Weapon pickups on map.

No “Ordinance”

Either the BR or the DMR, not both.

Way better custom game options.

Flood can stay, but they have to be able to pick up weapons. I swear, that was an immensely stupid decision for custom games.


Larger Maps.

1 big Forge World- like map. I would settle for just a remake of the old Forge World. In fact, I would prefer that.

So, essentially what I’m saying is I would like the classic Halo back. However, I still don’t mind Infinity Slayer sticking around, but I would never play it.

[/li]- Bring back firefight

option to use any gun from the halo series even older gun models

I’d like to see the different armor choices have different effects on your Spartan. For example, if you wear EOD armor, you could take less damage from explosives.