What would you like to see in campaign DLC?

I don’t remember if I heard anything about if there was going to be any campaign DLC in the near future but Im kind of hoping for some winter looking zones to explore on the halo ring. Or even some areas similar to the Ark.
What are you looking forward to in campaign / story dlc?


The Flood. They should’ve been in the campaign to begin with. Kinda dumb that they aren’t.


For sure! I feel like they could definitely pull it off with the sudden enemy encounters you come in contact with. I also miss the aspect of the different factions fighting eachother. it was a nice touch!

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After I spent $60 on that half -Yoink!- campaign I fully expect a continuation of the story, including new biomes, weapons, vehicles, and new/old characters returning, and I am willing to pay $0 for it. More likely it will be $60 for the same amount of weak content we got already.

Lol sorry to be a downer, I really love some of what we got but Infinite’s campaign was worth maybe a third of what I paid for it.


Yes, I think they said the campaign is also live service. So at some point we will get an expansion for it. They also trademarked Halo: The Endless which is probably an expansion of some kind. Also on the website it lists Halo Campaigns with Discover Hope being just one of them.

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Improvements to AI, notibly Marine AI, to where they’re more capible of doing things like driving vehicles.

Large Scale Conflicts between sides. Battles full of marines and banished, as well as third and fourth parties going forward.

Return of the Arbitor.

Random events that you can bump into during the game that can increase the playtime value after you’ve compelted stuff.


I am not replaying that campaign, there isn’t one part of the campaign that was memorable to me. So if they do add to the story(and we all know Infinite is in dire need of more story), it’s got to be completely new and separate of the campaign.

Alive Spartan IV
truely vehicle fight
can unlocked mp armour
more terrain
linear narrative

Blue Team, The Arbiter and possibly the events of Halo 6.


In the Artbook for Halo Infinite there’s actually quite a lot of Sanghelios stuff, including one of an Elite city with a looming Guardian over it. This is listed as part of their creative process when they’re brain storming ideas in the early concept pre development phase.


Being able to actually grapple the Phantom.

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New weapons, new ecosystems, new maps, new weather systems, more about fob gameplay.
I also want to customize the look of weapons and vehicles in the campaign.
The most critical thing is the plot, and I hope to fight alongside the Arbiter again.And I’m worried about the old characters on the Infinity. It would be great if it could be repaired.

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  • Make FOBs upgradable(barriers, turrets, landing pad size, radar for map locales etc) and you need to defend them occasionally to maintain control like territories in GTA San Andreas just not as frequent.

  • More unique locations. Like remnants of ancient human settlements.

  • Sidequests.

  • Way more cosmetic unlocks including MCC style Woodland skins for weapons and armour.

  • The Flood. With gore. Not santized for a T rating.

  • The Arbiter’s return.

  • Dense forest areas.

  • Add snow and ice to all the mountains at the very least the biggest ones.

  • Treacherous underwater sections in the bodies of water.

  • Make night time actually dark.

  • Dynamic weather.

  • Much more flora and fauna. Not just pine trees and gophers ffs.

  • All the missing weapons etc.

  • Co-Op.

  • Metagame and leaderboards. And obviously split into mission select.

  • Player cosmetic customization present.

  • New DLC Campaign ‘Halo Rebels’ (ODST 2) set on Earth in the aftermath of the events of Halo 3 somewhere other than Mombasa. The story involving Buck, Veronica, the son/protege of Sgt Johnson and the player along with Vergil setting off on a multifaceted mission to uncover secrets and eradicate the last of the Flood and hostile Covenant unwilling to surrender off the face of the Earth and crush the human rebels which Romeo signed up with.


I would like to see the Spirit of Fire return through a DLC to tie in the Banished storyline where is all started. Captain cutter taking charge of zeta halo operations and a small reunion with chief and Red Team.