What would you like in forge?

Well the Banished are Covenant that went mutiny to join a new army for a better cause. They are all the same species, just working for Atriox versus the profets

Yo I know people are making cyberpunk themed maps, but has anyone thought if it’s possible to make Night City, or yeah it’s big, maybe just a division of the city at a time. Like in the cyberpunk game, each city area had different missions. Maybe it’s possible to recreate the china town district or the downtown area, hey even the beach area, sure minus all the walking pedestrians. But with the option of making neon glowing paint materials for objects in forge, I bet an actual legit Night City would be sick wit it!!!

Feeding off my own inspiration, has anyone thought about making some of the Division 2 D.C. layouts. I mean there was some really cool command post spots with epic fort/base battles. Even with the downed Air Force One command post, or the Lincoln monument. And fighting inside the Pentagon, there were sooo many great ideas that an artistic forger could bring to life inside halo.

Idk, just an idea. It seems like people keep making CoD maps that are way too small for infinite unless used for 1v1. Did anyone enjoy playing on the D.C. capitol Division battlefields. I thought it was fun to see it all and appreciate it. That game made me happy to be a patriot regardless all the nasty things happening in this world now.

I feel like too many people are trying to create maps that are cool, but dont mix well with Halo’s mechanics. Halo is meant to have different elevations, symmetry tunnels, and sniper towers.

Has any forgers out there put thought into making Gears of War maps. I would love to play on some of the great symetrical Gears maps like:
Gears 1- Gridlock, Canals, Clocktower, Fuel Depot, Mansion (these are my most liked)
Gears 3- Checkout, Drydock, Old Town, Mercy, Hotel, Thrashball

I mean even if its not Gears style looking, the symmetry to those maps and how they played with the different elevations and camping spots would be idealistic for this halo with sprint, slide, and grapple

A off line mode for forge pz.