What would you have on a new DLC?

If you dislike my opinion, please use a constructive argument, not a “YOUR A COD player!!!111!” sort of thing. thank you for listening.
Hi obbyman here!
Just wondering,
I personally haven’t got the new DLC sigh, but it looks amazing. Headlong was my favorite map on halo 2 and i love that it is coming back. but all the nostalgia aside, back to the subject on hand.

I have always liked the idea of maps based on campaign missions, but it’s like a pattern. on disc maps: From campaign. DLC maps: Created loosely from the campaign story.
Anyway, I would like to see if you would like 3 or so areas from campaign in a new DLC.
If you don’t, still put your ideas to new made-form-scratch maps.

Mine would be:
New Alexandria Hospital, but where the jammer is, put an elevator which goes down to where the switch is for the disco Easter egg.
The 2nd part of the mission exodus, where after coming out of the rally dark beginning bit, you confront the spirit and some brutes. include all the way up to the elevator at the end and the courtyard with the Moa-burger($7.77) stand.
The Map would be the Corvette you land on in “the long night of solace” mission. it should include the inside, with adapted/new areas and the outer side with the zero-g and gun are. (maybe a space banshee or two in the bay where the pelican lands.(with non-forge-able lock.))

Please put comments, Suggestion, Reviews and hate-mail in the comment section. thanks!


The part where you enter the corvette is already Zealot, is it not?

I would love it if they re-made Gemini but they set it in the Ruins of New Alexandria rather then High Charity.

Call it something like Virgo, Scorpio or anything related to the Zodiac Starsigns.