What Would You Guys Want as Choice Polls?

Most of you are familiar with the Community Choice Poll, right? And sometimes we don’t get our way on it…but that’s okay. So what would you guys like to see as some of the choices on the future Choice Polls? What game types should they add to certain playlists? Which rotational playlists should be brought back, in another gametype, or it’s very own? Drop your opinions below!

Personally, Heavies is a must return. It was the most fun I’ve had in Halo 4, probably. I’d like it more as it’s own playlist again, but I can see it as another choice for BTB. Also, maybe some new versions of CTF? I’m a flag hog…

If I had a Community Choice Poll, I would only use it to wish for more Community Choice Polls.

King of the hill as it’s own playlist even for a week. Takes me 30 minutes to get into a koth match. Only way I can play it is by quitting in 90% of the voting screens and for that I am not proud.

Dominion, Team DLC, Team Objective, Oddball, and if at all possible, bring back Invasion!