What would you Do?

I’m part of a Spartan company that always seems to be on completely different hours then me. I never get to play with them and playing area by myself I’m not a fan of. Would you stick with your old company or leave them and try to find a new one. I’ve made friends with some. But there been a lot time that there party is full and I don’t get to play when they are on the same time as me(which is rarely) . Its frustrating. I just want a group of people to play with that are all around the same time. Not at 3am in the morning…

I think you answered your own question. If you’re unhappy with your current company, have contrasting gaming hours, parties are always full, etc…then you need to either speak up with them and try to coordinate or just find another company that may workout better.

It’s not like you’ll be dishonorably discharged so I will just tell your current company that you’d to play with them but, you never get the chance you have a real opportunity to join a group you can play with regularly.

You could find a better company

If your not playing with them regularly anyways, then it’s not like they are going to be that upset. You gotta do what works best for you.

Your situation is understandable. My advice: look for a new company. No need to be in a company that doesn’t play with you.

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