What would you do to improve this game?

just thinking of ways people would improve this game?

1.) More armor
2.) Elite armor customization (Helmet, chest, shoulder, etc.)
3.) Covenant Carbine

A DLC playlist would be nice.

  • More armor variants. - More armor effects. - Armor Lock nerf (or removed). - Strategic maps for BTB and Invasion. - Sangheili customization. - Sub-sided Sangheili ranking to identify Sangheili players. - Remove infection from Living dead playlist (zombies with evade). - Improved Forge. - Return of the beloved action sack. - Removal of “MLG” playlist. Revival of Arena. - Pattern armor customization (optional and to that of H4.- Bigger lobby capacity. - Removal of 8/8 in certain unnecessary playlist (grifball). - Beam rifle > Focus rifle. - Updated Spartan renders. - More visors. - Nameplate displayed in-game. - Tenure Displayed (since Legacy stats exist). - More Matchmaking maps. There’s more but that’s all I could think of at the moment.

Budget-less forge and a larger quantity of forge items

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> Budget-less forge and a larger quantity of forge items

While I would like to see this the budget plays an important part in map making so forgers don’t fill the maps up with so much stuff you end up with frame rate issues when trying to play it. This is evidence in Firefight bonus rounds. You get massive frame rate drops as soon as there is too much going on in the game and too many covies on the map.

I would remove the TU playlists and remove the TU all together. The TU totally unbalances the weapons in the game. I know people don’t like the random bloom, but all the weapons were designed with it in mind so messing with it messed up the game in my opinion.