What would you combine with Halo?

I’ve been wondering what kind of media would you use to make a crossover with Halo?
On the Halo side, which characters would you use? Canon characters or your own making?
With what would you make a crossover with Halo? Other Video Games? COmics? TV Shows? Movies? Anime? Cartoons?

After three answers, I will give my opinion.

I would like one with Apex Legends. I think it would be really cool to see him as one of the skins in the game.

I liked the crossover done with Gears. But for something a little more subtle, I like seeing little Easter eggs in other media. Like in Ready Player One. The final battle has four Master Chiefs running together. But if you pay attention, you can see a Grunt and an Elite running behind them. Gave me a good chuckle. Plus I think earlier in the movie one of the protagonists was using an AR.