What would you add to halo 4 if you could?

Me, I would make it so you can spawn ai in forge, change the bullets for a weapon ( as in rockets in assault rifles.) and change what the vehicle looks like. (forge only.)

Return katana.

Return the elephant ( and you can move it without explosions.)

Grenade Launcher

Here’s a list of a few things:

-Shown secondary weapon.
-Brutes, alongside their weapon and vehicles.
-All of Halo 3’s and Reach’s armouries.



Nobody should be pained to carry their team. Nobody.

Yggdrasil Power Armor
Booster Frames
H3’s Mythic Skulls.

The Grenade Launcher.

Have this thing where you could record a voice message and during the end of the match when it says Victory and if your the MVP your voice goes “Yeah I rule!”


Dual wielding… =P

Grenade Launcher.
Beam Rifle.

A totally covenant modeled set of Spartan armor.

That’d be cool.

i agree with all these except the voice message beam rifle and brutes (unless they could be fit into canon) i would love to see 343’s version of brute’s the chopper and the spiker the brute shot was kinda meh imo


-Bring back the Grenade Launcher and Brute Shot. Distinguish the Brute Shot by having it detonate on impact like the Concussion Rifle. Leave the Grenade Launcher unchanged.

-Bring back the SMG. Make it a secondary weapon, with a relationship to the AR similar to the Magnum’s relationship to the DMR in Reach (same amount of damage, but the SMG blooms faster).

-Add a second sidearm option for the Covenant. The specific idea I had is something I call the Zealot Pistol. It’s a handgun based of Fuel Rod technology (like the Fuel Rod Cannon and the Covenant Carbine), but scaled down to work one-handed. It’s accurate, and does a LOT of damage to energy shields, but it doesn’t do much damage to flesh and armor at all (and can’t get headshots). It has a 2x scope attached to it. Really, though, I’d just like to see a second Covenant sidearm, however they decide to do it.

-Add a spawn weapon capable of (sort of) fighting vehicles. What I was thinking is a kind of UNSC LMG. It has a high rate of fire, and rips through unshielded targets and armor, but does very little damage to energy shields. Obviously, it shouldn’t kill vehicles TOO quickly, or it would destroy vehicular combat due to its status as a spawn weapon, but dumping the LMG’s full mag into an undamaged Warthog with no missed rounds should destroy it.

-Finally, I’m not even sure if I actually WANT this or not, but I figured out how bows could work in the Halo fiction (and in gameplay). Spartans are strong enough to flip tanks, which tells me that, for short bursts, they’re strong enough to exert several tons of force. Combine that strength with an advanced longbow which requires that much strength to pull the bow string back and arrows made of advanced materials capable of withstanding those forces, and you have a bow and arrow system capable of piercing armor.

As for how it works in gameplay, it is a mid-range semi-power weapon. In between shots, it takes a half second to notch a new arrow on the string. The longer you hold the right trigger before releasing, the more damage the arrow will do. If you tap it for each shot, it’s a 5sk weapon (with a ridiculously long killtime of two and a half seconds). If you hold it down for half a second for each shot, it’s a 2sk weapon with a two-second kill time. Therefore, it behooves the user to hold down the trigger for half a second to build it up to full power, and make the first shot on an unaware target. This reduces the time you’re actually being shot by to around a second, depending on how fast your target finds you. This makes it a good precision ambush weapon.

Anyway, this post has gone on long enough, so I’ll stop here.