What Would You Add to Firefight?

The most recent update shows how much potential there is for content that can be added. It’s my favorite gametype and the most recent update shows how much other people love it. I have a million ideas of cool things that could be implemented, but I’d rather hear what the community would want.

If you can add anything to Firefight for either game, big or small, what would you add?


  • Firefight Forge:

    • the ability to decide enemy spawn
    • the ability to add vehicles
    • the ability to individually select enemies’
      primary, and in some cases, secondary
    • the ability to place friendly AI
    • the ability to decide and place ‘hazard’
      locations (such as the focus rifle Jackal)
    • an increase to the number of enemies in
      individual waves
  • Drones

  • More maps:

    • Farragut Station from ONI Sword Base,
      block the two pathways with rocks
    • the Sword Base multiplayer map, with
    • the Powerhouse multiplayer map section
    • the Spire section from Tip Of The Spear,
      could be a “feet first into hell” theme with
      spawns/respawns at the top of the Spire
    • the atrium from Exodus
    • Club Errera interior from New Alexandria
    • the penthouse suite that acts as the
      multiplayer map Reflection, with small
      tweaks, keeping the dark and spooky
      lighting theme from the campaign

Might update if I think of something else.


I would say Solo Score Attack / the ability to solo queue in general.

Early morning queue times for FF can be pretty brutal.


I feel like I hear this recommended quite a bit. It’s a bit funny considering, y’know, custom Firefight, but it makes sense with matchmade challenges and the ease of game setup.

Drones for reach, custom skulls for ODST, adding even more skulls to both games (like anger and grunt funeral), revenants for reach as a map hazard, the ability to disable the target designator in reach for ordnance without fully disabling ordnance, having weapon racks (like ODST) as an option as an in-between of ammo crates and no ammo crates for reach, and finally the ability to disable bloom in both firefight settings along with custom game settings on MCC.


Well I would rather them remaster more H2 maps for H2A BUT that isn’t going to happen so what would be cool for them to add to Firefight… A reach firefight mode with no loadouts so it plays as a classic Halo… Also ability to search all modes either solo, doubles, teams of three and of course 4. Of course some new maps would be nice as well, perhaps a large map that allows some more vehicle play.

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Until I read this, I didn’t realize how much was missing from Reach’s Firefight, especially in regards to the Revenant, y’know, one of the coolest Halo vehicles ever. The cool thing is that I believe most of these options already have settings to turn them on or off, so they just need an extra toggle for the menu: Off, Legacy, or MCC. I think the Ordnance is the big exception but an item selection for the Ordnance could easily resolve that issue. It’d be great for custom game types too, like there are many gametypes that don’t allow weapon pickups, so a med-kit or overshield in ordnances would benefit the situation.

Was a “Classic Halo” gametype included with CE: Anniversary back in the Xbox 360 days? I’ve always thought that should be a standard gametype. It’d be a great option for when Anniversary Slayer for Reach rolls through the weekly playlist, then you’d have one for Slayer and one for Firefight.

I’ve always thought Lone Wolf would play as a really nice vehicle map honestly. I’ve always wanted it to be added but with how open it is, it’d need a few walls here and there to make it a bit more viable. I think it’s designed to be a death trap the player gets swarmed in.

When I first heard that they were doing a HCE anniversary back in the 360 days I got excited because I thought maybe I would get a taste of HCE multiplayer. I started Halo with H2 on the OG Xbox so I never had played HCE multiplayer. Sadly they just did some maps with reach gameplay. HCE with anniversary graphics for multiplayer would be nice, maybe for the anniversary multiplayer change how easy you die from just barely being tapped by a vehicle… But alas odds are that won’t happen. I am not a game programmer or anything so not sure how hard it would be to remove loadouts from reach firefight but it would be cool to try out if they could.

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“Spartan mode” for custom ODST firefight. this would replace the ODST visuals/gameplay with halo 3 spartans visuals/gameplay

For Halo: Reach Firefight I would add an option to enable “Boons” like what we got in Halo 3: ODST in the form of extra weapon spawns and friendly AI, as well as the option to customize Vehicle Sets so we can change what vehicles spawn on each map.

This would also mean adding more playable vehicles to Firefight, like the Gauss Warthog, Scorpion, Revenant, and if possible the Falcon and Banshee. There are some vehicles that are missing from ODST Firefight’s customization options as well including the Mongoose, Ghost, Chopper, Prowler, Wraith, and Banshee.

It would be nice if we could get Drones and Elite Zealots as enemies in Halo: Reach. If they could get the Flood, Sentinels, and Elites to work in Halo 3: ODST I don’t see why they couldn’t get Drones to work in Halo: Reach. Zealots, of course, would use the same AI as normal Elites, so there’s no reason not to put them in.

I would also give the players new options in Custom Firefight to play as Elites while fighting against the Covenant in Halo: Reach (as in NOT Versus mode, which no one plays) and Spartans and Elites in Halo 3: ODST, along with options to dual-wield and use equipment in the latter.

Finally, I would expand character customization for Halo 3: ODST by adding per-piece armor customization for ODSTs, and allow for the use of all future and existing weapon and vehicle skins for Halo 3: ODST in both Campaign and Firefight.

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A firefight mode where you play as elites and defend against the UNSC.


Drones, enemy marines, new maps, flood (HCE anniversary models?)


to start I’d add content thats already mostly finished:

  • Stealth Elite enemies for ODST Firefight (Stealth Minors and Majors were in the files but went unused, only missing the commando harness)
  • Spec Ops Grunt allies for ODST to assist Spec Ops Elite allies in ODST Floodfight (were in the files but went unused, actually received a figurine around ODST’s launch though)
  • Drone enemies for Reach Firefight (in the files, even have a setting, just unused)
  • restore the ability for Elite players to assassinate ODST NPC’s in Reach Firefight (in the files, unused)

for creating new things/restoring removed things:

  • Restore the Elite Ultra Rank cut from Halo 3 in ODST Firefight (intended as the final rank above Major)
  • Restore the Elite Zealot Rank cut from Halo 3 in ODST Firefight (for use as a Boss Rank like Brute Chieftains)
  • Restore Brute Trackers for ODST Firefight (were in the files but went unused, could be used as a Brute Sniper Rank like those from Tsavo Highway in Halo 3)
  • Add Sgt Stacker as an ODST in ODST Firefight (has lines from Reach, appeared in Halo 2’s “day at the Beach” cutscene in full ODST BDU, could have the H2A ODST helmet design for his helmet on armor)
  • Add Orion Helmet for an alternate Johnson Helmet On outfit (armor of the Spartan 1 on a Spartan 1, also nice for variety)
  • Add Rookie alternate Helmet variant (could be Hornet Pilot or NMPD Riot)
  • NPC ODST and Vehicle settings in Reach Firefight (akin to ODST)
  • Guta Hazard for Waterfront (surprisingly in the files as a wave setting but unused, would be a nice change of pace for such a spreadout map lacking vehicles)

Some covenant based invasions and/or past arbitre’s


Restore the difficulty, add map veto
Make some new maps for dlc instead of mtx


What difficulty needs to be restored? I never played matchmaking growing up.

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Hey buddy, I got good news for ya.
You can remove loadouts. Go to your firefight gametype settings, Spartan Settings, Loadouts, select your loadout, then go to the Hide Loadout settings and set it to hidden.

The map “Unearthed” was actually planned to have friendly AI as well. Reach has some of the best vehicles so it’s so strange they’re not included in Firefight. The few that have two could have a “light vehicle” and “main vehicle” option, akin to Halo 2’s settings.

I always love your recommendations and get excited whenever I see you on feedback posts. SGT stacker is an especially brilliant idea, with his inclusion in all these games, he could reuse so many audio clips from so many games. One could argue he should use his NMPD Sergent design since that’s what he uses in the campaign, but the lack of a Halo 2 designed armor is honestly a shame and would be a massive improvement.
I recently made a gametype that’s just the same but swapping Elites for Brutes, so the additional units would go incredibly far. I kinda wish Rangers were an option too, borrowing animations from Halo 2, but that might be a pain to set up.
I love the idea of a Guta as a hazard. I initially thought they might be better as a manual setting, but there’s no guarantee other firefight maps could even fit their massive size, and while their encounters are fun, they might be better as support units rather than the focus of a round. Being a hazard option would be incredible.

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I’d have them crawling out over the high cliffs, announcing their mighty presence with a giant roar. It would be a sight to behold. Or maybe even have them spawn out in the water and make their way to shore.


The water was my thought too. Mostly because it’s the only place that really has much room. But gosh seeing them rise from the cliffs instead of a Jackal would be absolutely perfect.