What Would The Ultimate Halo Game Look Like?

For a while I’ve been thinking about Halo six of whatever the next title will be known as, and how it could be at it’s best. Campaign. I believe the campaign should be in a way like Halo 3 or Halo Reach. Both games had great level design and a good story. And for multiplayer, I would also want something like Halo 3 or reach, with a few new implementations, just no more crazy abilities like ground pound and stabilizers. The smart scope could go as well, halo 5 feels more like a modern shooter with some futuristic abilities much like most of the recent CoD games. I’m sure 343 has good intentions and a good game on the way, and they’ve had a really long time to make it, I also believe it’ll be coming in 2019, so that’s another year for the game to be developed. What are your thoughts, do you agree? Or do you have additions? Feel free to comment.

IMO, an expansive build and improvement on the foundation of Halo 5.

As this forum is for discussing Halo 5 and not future Halo games, this discussion is better suited for the wish list threads in GD