What would make Halo: Infinite the best Halo game?

In your eyes, anyway. I’ll make mine a list, but I’m just wondering what you guys want to see next.

  • No REQs or cosmetic REQs only - I don’t think armor should count as an cosmetic and it shouldn’t be unlocked randomly. Unlocking armor through leveling up would be nice, maybe even return to the system in Reach for maximum creativity. - Less armor, more maps - I’d love to see maps to rival the classics of Halo’s past and a focus on creating distinct and unique armor sets (instead of distinct helmets with no real variety). - A revamped multiplayer vs. AI experience - Warzone is a bit of a mess, but I think it’s worth trying again. With better AI and more of a skill focus (as opposed to a REQ focus), the mode could really prosper in the next game.I tried to avoid saying obvious things like an engaging story or interesting characters because I have enough hope that 343 can bring something to the table after Halo Wars 2.

Campaign & multiplayer modes with vehicles are big for me. An even more advanced Forge would be cool.

  1. Plot and storytelling. Needs to have a plot that anyone can jump into without having to read books/comics to understand. Hell someone who hasn’t even played the games should be able to pick it up without feeling intimidated. Storytelling should be straightforward, not too much of bouncing between mass amounts of characters and sub plots.

  2. Multiplayer. Needs to have iconic modes at launch and high quality developer made maps. Community made forge maps are fine if they’re good enough but you can’t make something like BTB entirely made up of forge/community maps.
    Also better not have heavy aim.

  3. Gameplay. It needs to cater to the original, core group of Halo THEN build upon that to draw in new players, not the other way around. Rule #1 of sequel game development: make a game for your fans, don’t sell out.

  4. Microtransactions/unlock system. For the love of god, no loot boxes. If there’s micros, which there will be, they need to really feel like an option. Anything that you can buy should be unlockable in-game without having to grind for months. They also can’t affect gameplay.

What would make Halo Infinite the best Halo?

  • Great Campaign & Plot - No Armor Abilities (Unless in the form of Halo 3 equipment) - Reach Style Rank System - Individual Armor Customization - Split Screen - Playable Elites & maybe Brutes - More Arbiter & Rtas Vadum Involvement - Return of Flood - Big Maps - Offline Play For Multiplayer - Bots - Forge FF Maps (along with customized objectives in them) - A Non-Warzone Firefight - Have EVERY Alien Race Involved - Return of Funny Marines From Halo CE-3 - No Loadouts - No Reskinned Maps - Terminals Back In Campaign - Mixed Artstyle (like HW2) - Some Dope Cutscenes

My ideas are for multiplayer only, the classic gameplay works best for single player in my opinion, and I have faith 343i can make something worthwhile with the story infinite.

  • I think both old and new gameplay options would be great. Personally for me, the old style of Halo gameplay hasn’t aged too well, so a revamp/improvement of Halo 5’s multiplayer is what I would like. - In the case that Halo returns to it’s older game play entirely, ensure that this style is perfected, Halo 2 multiplayer should be used as the base of infinites gameplay. In my opinion map design, movement and weapon balancing were the best in Halo 2 - Keep smart scope, but only for certain weapons. Smart scoping should be limited to weapons that allowed the player to ADS in the older games, I just think smart scoping is smoother in game than hard scopes were before. (LT as the scope button) - Keep thrusters, but ensure the maps are built around this completely, to negate having to include clamber. Remove spartan charge and ground pound, instead encourage players to use more strategic methods of play through better map design. - Idealy customization shouldn’t be monetised, but in the likely case that it will be, armour should be unlocked through a leveling system similar to reach, but with a reduced emphasis on grinding for credits, and through in game challenges similar to Halo 4. Weapon skins can be bought outright with real money, or with in game credits that can be earned similar to how credits we’re earned in Reach
  • Spartan IV training: this would include an overhaul of Halo 5’s gameplay, taking what was successful in Halo 5 and overhauling and improving it. Maps here should be built entirely around the thrusters. - Spartan II - III training: take the multiplayer from H2A, and work from there. Instead of map reskins like in Halo 5, do map revamps that include adjustments that cater to the older gameplay, including weapon balancing and minor terrain changes that ensure the maps can be traversed without thrusters.

I would like a co-op campaign, more vehicles, and new weapons

So this I what I think would make halo infinite great

1.) The return of the classic gameplay.
2.) The return of the classic art style (which lookslike its back)
3.) At least Reach level of customization but I hope they go the extra mile and make it even better.
4.) Quality over quantity when it comes to amor. Halo 5 had a lot of armor to chose from but only a small amount were really nice looking.
5.) All core gamemodes present at launch. Modes like assault, infection, BTB, etc should not be added in dlc.
6.) Developer made BTB maps. Forge is great for making maps for multiplayer but it shouldn’t be solely relied on for maps.
7.) Please no Req system. This was easily one of the worse parts of H5 and it shouldn’t return. Sure it’s better than most loot box systems but that doesn’t mean it’s good, just the lesser of evils. If there most be some kind of micro transaction I would have the credit system return from reach that allows you to buy credits for armor unlocks but armors are locked behind levels so for example you cannot buy mark V until you reach a certain level.
8.) Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that gives us incentive to play certain modes and awards us with something whether it be credits, armor, weapons skins, etc.
9.) A better UI that’s more akin to previous games such as reach or 3, I’m sick of looking at infinity and navigating certain menus can be a nightmare especially for armor customization.
10.) A larger player count. It would be nice if it could go up to maybe 20 or even higher (not counting warzone but for the core multiplayer)

An assassination animation for hunters mechanically similar to the assassination for the Warden Eternal. You essentially have to lower their health all the way but the final blow can be an assassination. I personally really like the way the multiplayer is set up in Halo 5 with the loadouts and armor abilities. I wish there was more in depth armor customization though.