What would an ignorant 343 mean to you?

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Note: this is based off POPULAR OPINION OF THE COMMUNITY and what I think would be the popular opinion had I seen more discussed about it, not necessarily mine. It is also looking for your opinion and not to start flame wars.

So, Halo 5 comes out and it’s bad, really bad. 343 does no listen to the community in a bid to make it ‘their Halo’. I’m talking sprint, a DMR stronger than a BR, reintroduce an unbalanced dual wielding, no elites in multiplayer, poor armor design (someone said it looked like segmented plastic sheet glued to a wet suit which is true). They also take it one step further, keeping in loadouts with unbalanced perks, an XP system that even though they say is more skill based, is still largely reward based like Halo Reach and 4, instant spawning. They have a short Campaign, don’t have theater for that, no ability to check other’s file shares in lobbies, no augmentation to forerunner enemies.

Now this is worst case scenario, and I’m sure there’s pleeenty I missed here that the community wants to change. But, should CoD… sorry, HALO 5 turn out like this, what would it mean for you? This isn’t even including the lousy flood mode AND the generic boring music that is in the war games lobby… but that’s a rant for another topic. Tell me your thoughts!

I’m not sure a topic encouraging people to project their hypothetical hatred at a hypothetically horrible game that will not be released for another year and a half and about which we know almost nothing is a good idea. What do you hope to accomplish with this?

While I do not know if this topic violates the rules - and no offense intended - I rather hope the mods just lock it.

Because this is the game no-one wants and should never be. I hope that posts like this are seen by 343 so they can see what the community wants and what their thoughts are on various ideas. Think if 343 is implementing all these things, and they happen to see this post and many people saying ‘this game would suck’. It would be their best interest to change things for the community, them, and their share holders, everyone wins. I think fan feedback is the best place to see what to do in a game as they know what they want. And about what else you say, I know Bungie would never have censored someone with a valid idea and hope 343 would not either. I appreciate what you’re saying but if it doesn’t exist, then no one has anything to worry about. And if it does, and this is the game currently being created by 343, should we not tell them THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT whilst it’s still early development?

343 wouldn’t be releasing the beta a full year before the actual game if they were just going to ignore all the feedback.

So you are asking us to tell you how much we would hate 343 if H5 was bad? If sprint threads or dual-wielding threads got 5 pages of arguing I don’t think having a thread to express hatred towards all the things that people argue about is a positive thing.

This whole thread can become very negative very quickly.

Feedback on unwanted features already exists ad infinitum, in topics that are specific to the feature and go into far greater detail than spewing a laundry list of things you don’t want. The only thing this topic is doing is encouraging people to vomit invective about something that may never happen.

No one from 343 will ever look at this thread - not after seeing the title, anyway.

It’s not supposed to be a ‘how much would you hate 343’ post, that accomplishes nothing, but rather I’d like to see what people think these permanent changes could mean to them in relation to Halo. Sure, one game where they stray a little from the formula that is proven to work is a hiccup, but if they blatantly ignore it a second time, that kinda means things like sprint (as an example) are here to stay, and so personally, what does that mean for you? Like would that sort of kill Halo for you if gameplay changes, or the devs don’t listen to the community?

I don’t think we should be wasting our time with fears of 343 failing the hardest they could ever fail. Like Caboose said, it’s not encouraging.

I don’t see what good can from all this negativity, in this thread. I personally don’t want to think about a total flop by 343, for I’m hoping they come out truly successful and on top of their game…

How about we wait for those scenarios to actually happen before we get all wild and crazy about them, and in the meantime, post our criticisms of certain features and desires for other features in threads that already exist about those features?

And since that pretty much sums up everything I have to say about this topic, I bid you all adieu!

Well to answer your question, I’d probably just move on from Halo. There are plenty of other great games out there.