What would 343/MS stand to make if everything in the game could be bought right now?

Credits are earnable through gameplay, Score is transferred to credits (i.e. 2000 score is 20 credits)
You also get 5 credits for every match completed, 10 for every win. This would be more rewarding to more skilled players, hence giving the feeling that when you see a decked out Spartan, they really earned that.

Medals earn credits as well


Medals in customs don’t award credits and you must earn double the score to earn credits from score (MM 2000=20 credits, customs 4000=20 credits)
Overrides (except for bots) disable credit gain)
If I gained 125 credits per battle for 400 battles (assuming I am an Onyx level player since I would need to be to get that amount of credits) I would have 50k credits after 400 battles.

Get rid of the BP, just let people get what they want

Emblems/Coatings can be applied to weapons/armor/vehicles

100 cr=$1

500 cr
full price=15,500 cr=$155

Helmet Attachments
300 cr
full price=11,100 cr=$110

300 cr
full price=14,100 cr=$141

400 cr
full price=13,600 cr=$136

400 (200 per shoulder) cr
full price=14,000 cr (7,000 cr)=$140 ($70)

200 cr
full price=1,400 cr=$14

300 cr
full price=1,800 cr=$18

300 cr
full price=3,900 cr=$39

Knee pads
400 cr (200 per knee, knees are now left knee, right knee)
full price=6,400 cr (3,200 cr)=$64 ($32)

300 cr
full price=397,800 cr=$3978

Weapon charms
200 cr
full price=8,000 cr=$80

Death FX
700 cr
full price=2,800 cr=$28

100 cr
full price=13,000 cr=$130

Weapon modules
300 cr
full price=3,000 cr=$30

Vehicle modules
300 cr
full price=3,000 cr=$30

full price of S1=495,300 cr=$5093
97,500 without coatings=$975

With the credit gain above, If I was a really good player, I could get a little over 50% of the games content

Now, lets do some estimating, shall we?

If 50k whales bought everything in the game, each season for the game’s entire lifespan, that would make them $10.2 billion!!!
If 5 million players spend just $10 each season, that would make them $2 billion.

This would benefit players and MS/343. MS would be bringing in $12.2 billion from a single game

In 2020, the global gaming industry was worth $152.1 billion

(From a single game) they would make 8% of the entire global gaming industry!!! FROM 1 GAME. It is a solution that benefits EVERYONE

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miscalculated some of the prices, here are the actual prices
(A big one was I counted all of the coatings for every armor core, didn’t think that they had a lot of the same coatings, so many were counted multiple times)


helmet attachments=300=10,200=$102



single shoulders=200=7,400=$74




knee pads=400=6,000=$60
single knee pads=200=3000=$30


weapon charms=200=8,000=$80

death FX=700=2,800=$28

armor FX=500=3,500=$35



weapon modules=300=3,000=$30

vehicle modules=300=3,000=$30



ai colors=100=1,400=$14

Full price of S1=249,300=$2493

Nowhere near what I had thought but still quite a bit and if they went this route, nothing is free, it all has to be earned, which would allow them to get money from people who want to skip a grind.

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