what will your custom loadouts be

The title says it all. What weapons would you have in Big, medium, and small maps. I am not sure for myself but what are your ideas.

DMR, AR(assuming secondary isn’t restricted to sidearms) and Jetpack

Battle Rifle and no secondary. I don’t need anything else xD. I wonder if there is an option to forgoe an AAs in vanilla Halo 4 and just have Sprint.

Though i don’t think 343 is going to allow players to have a DMR/BR combo. That would fall under “one loadout game”, the secondary is most likely going to be for SMGs, Pistols etc.

Joking aside (though i was serious about using the BR) i can’t really say as we don’t know the full extent of the weapon and loadout choices we have.

Primary - BR
Seconday - pistol/smg
AA - hologram for the lulz

DMR, BR, and i don’t know what armor abilty.


Primary: AR-DMR(depending on the size of the map)

Secondary: Assault Carbine(SMG)

AA: Not decided yet, sprint alone makes me happy, but probably something that helps me In-Battle( i have never cared about being called a noob).


SMG, if not, magnum

Jet Pack.

DMR, Plasma Pistol, Invisible or jet pack :slight_smile:

DMR and Plasma Pistol. Overcharge a shot, quick switch to DMR. Dropped in 2 shots :slight_smile:

FYI, Sprint is standard ability now. My AA would probably be Hologram or Forerunner Vision, check around corners.

I’ve never been one to pick active camo, since when I played I always chose evade or sprint, but now that sprint is default why not go with active camo.

I’ll most likely use the BR, but Sprint + Camo = lulz