what will you make in forge first?

Is your map going to be small? Medium?, or Big?, if big how much will it take up?,what gametype will you use? infection?, Invasion?, (if confirmed), Slayer?, or is it just going to be a sued for hang out, or clan map.

Remake all my Halo Reach maps

So much options! Too much! head exploads

A new meeting hall for my clan and then some 4v4 & 6v6 maps.

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A gigantic -Yoink!-.

Seriously, though? Probably a crappy race map :smiley:

I’ll probably start to make a map, get frustrated with it, and give up. That seems to be what I always do.

Jenga like the halo 3 one

I have a idea for a new gametype, but silence from me for now, before one of you little yoinkholes steal it


Wow no profanity filter? That’s weird…

Meh, I’ll make a good CTF map.

I’ll probably make an infection map first.

> I’ll probably make an infection map first.

Reminisces over Halo 3 custom games :’)

In all honesty, nothing. Im going to familiarize myself with the new forge system first. Once I have an idea of what I can do, im going to become a custom game maker again :slight_smile:

I will be hosting custom game nights :slight_smile:

Octagon, duh.

> Octagon, duh.

Send it to me when you’re done? :wink:

Infection, unless forge is like reach and never worked for anything but slayer variants.

A gigantic ramp! cos i r so oryginal hurp derp

no idea, i’ll browse through whats on offer and experiment then go from there.

Probably going to make a cramped, maze like infection map.

I’m going to make all the weapons, try them out using my friends as practice dummies, then I will probably make slayer map and check out all of The Forge’s physics

> > Octagon, duh.
> Send it to me when you’re done? :wink:

Can do. I’m an u83r l337 forger and make the most fantastic Octagon maps haha.