What will you be using forge for?

It seems like forge is going to be the saving grace when it comes.to content since there is no word on anything else like fire fight.

What will you use forge for when it comes? Back in halo 5 forge I would create 4v4 maps and mapes made for wacky custom game modes. I also used it for real life things. Like I would build things in game to get ideas about projects I would do in real life.

If the rumored ai scripting comes I’m going to create siege like battles that have multiple rooms to fight in.


Making awesome maps again for the Arena.

Making Firefight maps, if the rumors of A.I. scripting are true.

Making hangout maps once again for my buddies.


I remember seeing all the “couch hangout” maps in the Halo 5 custom games browser. It’ll be great with new tools you able to create a more immersive social areas


You know I’m not one to think ahead by like 9 months to a year but who knows. I think I might try to see how many weapons actually have some kind of background “lock on” ability that is not openly displayed in the game.

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that reminds me of the spartan charge in halo 5. It actually had aim assist and locked on to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything in halo infinite did the same thing. I see it with the grapple. It bends to correct your shot in order to make the grapple land

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Bro there’s no PM on this website I was going to PM you that I had nothing against you since I was negative in two posts lol. Anyhow, Yes! I played with friends earlier and I SWEAR my Mangler shots were “following” or “locking on” to enemies. I literally watched the projectile “bend” into the enemy.

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It’s all good man. I’m just here to talk Halo if we disagree that’s fine. I don’t take it seriously like some people here do. Negative talking points aren’t always a bad thing, we grow from them.

People were called crazy when people said that bullets bend in halo 5. They do and it seems like this is back in Halo infinite.

I cannot relate because I did not play Halo 5 longer than maybe 6 or 7 matches. I kind of gave up with Halo 4 after about 50 or so hours of MP. But Infinite has like 4-5 KNOWN weapons that lock on or have some kind of “magmatism” and I’ve had a few others like the Mangler feel like it was pulling shots into enemies and I play on Keyboard and Mouse 100%. My friends play with controller on PC and have also mentioned similar things but since 343 is so “random with their breakage” of the game idfk.

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Frankly, a nice base for my friends. But the rest, plenty of other gametypes to see how they might work - I love asymmetrical infection modes that don’t actually make critical use of the infection element, but provide asymm. gametypes.

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Halo infinite takes a lot of what Halo 5 is. It may feel slightly different but the overall it’s definitely on the same systems it was on before.

I wonder if the Mnk has the same effect with “locking on” if it doesn’t then controller players have a far better advantage then I thought. I thought the “locking on” thing was across the board

This is why infection is crucial not only for infection itself but for the game modes you can make of it hopefully with ai we will be able to take it to new heights

Halo would have never had the longevity it had if not for Custom Games. Sometimes you are done with your 10th Social match and feel “hey I wanna play something else”. Custom Games is where you go to find that something else instead of just booting up another game.

Custom Games are an essential part as to why Halo community thrived.
Socials, Fatkid, Races, Speed Halo, Halo on Halo, Clogged, Garbage Day, Gungame, Godzilla, and H5’s even more insane custom games where people made full on new campaign experiences in it.

I really hope more custom game options come with forge. Forge won’t be much without more settings and options. But yes I do agree. Most of my time was Sprint in forge testing loobies. I had a lot of fun in the btb ones

Another thing I will be using Forge for?


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First thing is first. We need some WELL DESIGNED vehicles at start BTB maps. I’m talking:

• Open areas with ramps and hills that can occur in nature, that any vehicle can drive up

• Large open paths where the Scorpion can and Wraith can move freely, not skinny trenches

• Tight areas like buildings with many rooms and floors, with elevator shafts, lifts, teleporters, etc, and man cannons or bridges, maybe even parkour between other buildings, but open enough that vehicles can take out the snipers in the rooms

• Lots of caves, even underground caves, that travel under the map and pop up inside buildings or fields

• You want tons of options for CTF, but no side has an obvious map location advantage. Doesn’t need to be symmetrical, but no base should have the vantage points and weapons to dominate the other side

• You equally want spots perfect for KOTH and Zones, that can be held with good teamwork, but equally exposed on multiple sides, where grenades, rockets, or even a daring Ghost or Scorpion can burst in and flush out or wipe the enemy team, preventing campers from holding too long

• You also want lots of potential areas good for holding an area in Infection, but with multiple routes and access points from above and below to flank or overwhelm the survivors, so they’re not camping one specific area of the map as the only good spot to defend

• You may even want your map to be designed in a way that supports area changing, so no one zone is worth holding forever, like having destructible or time gated doors, rooms, and vents, for a variety in strategy as new areas open up or close down, depending on how long the match goes on

We need to bring back the creativity we had in Reach, but with all the tools Infinite can provide us, and with all the aggressive feedback we can demand 343 supply Forge with


I don’t play btb( mainly because I can’t load in to it) so bring me up to speed on why the vehicles are bad?

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Mongoose and Warthog now cannot handle sharp turns, its like the wheels were filled with helium. If you try to handbrake and turn a curve like you would in Hot Pursuit maps from the previous games, you will just start tumbling and rolling.


Vehicles in Infinite are either too beefy, or made of paper. There’s no good balance. Scorpions also have virtually no room to drive anywhere, and Infinite made a stupid steering change that now you reverse when holding forwards, if you aim to the side or behind you. Most areas of the maps are inaccessible to even a Mongoose, because of how poorly designed the hills and paths are, making BTB basically a giant Arena mode, since your vehicles either can’t go off-road, or they flip. Some maps are lacking intersections, so they’re extremely linear for the tanks, forcing you to only be able to drive forward and reverse on the designated road. There’s also no room to fly a Banshee, and even if you do, you get zapped out of the air every 5 seconds by an EMP weapon, or Skewered. Wasps can maneuver even the worst areas fairly well, but most vehicles are worthless besides the Wasps and Ghost.

Since I played over 700 matches since the betas, I can say with confidence that even I could do a much better job redesigning Fragmentation and Highpower. I even might. That’s how much I hate those maps.


Mouse and Keyboard has no Aim Asssist at all. The weapons that normally lock on or have any kind of background lock on in this game are the same though which I’m skeptical about atm. Controller on PC also DOES NOT have Aim Asssist from what my friends have stated, but I’m not sure they have the same "Anti Aim Assist’ the sniper has for MKB players (it’s a real thing).

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Interesting. I do remember in halo 5 they would stick to the ground. It was actually hard to flip them over with just turning.