What will the update be?

Anyone else curious about any updates we may receive tomorrow? I’m really anticipating some news or community feedback responses…infinite was really left in a poor state before the holidays.

Curious to see what 343’s top priorities will be once they get back in. What are your speculations?

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more player icons and weapon charms in the store since you all love the cosmetics so much.


Oh I’m sure. The Tenrai event will divert a lot of the attention on Tuesday as well, unfortunately.

More like dog ears, dog tails, cat tails, dragon tails, dragon horns, wings etc.
The furry community will buy anything.


Idk but the store will be working perfectly. Maybe they’ll finally drop Nuketow…. Oh wait, wrong franchise. Well this is awkward……. :upside_down_face:


Why would there be an update tomorrow? You mean a blog or something?

I keep seeing tweets on pro teams’ Youtube channels that developers are tweeting that ranked will get updated after the holidays.

Hoping for some solid or semi-solid performance update info, as well as maybe some sort of a road map or plans for the near future.

Not expecting tomorrow, but at least this week.

Doubt we will get anything tomorrow. More than likely they will just have meeting, catch-up, assess the state of the game, and we might get a Reddit post about a future update in a few weeks.

I seen a video today that talked about infection, VIP, juggernaut, assault and extraction medals being found. Idk when such modes will come out though. The whole season event thing i find so annoying…like is team doubles going to be a future “season event” for example? A playlist that’s usually just there already?..like if they do stuff like that man then I expect maps to come out with the playlists. I don’t want to play 2v2 on 4v4 maps. I want 2v2 specifically made maps that play to the design of 4 Spartans on the map without stupid stuff breaking the gameplay.

On another note, probably as almost everyone has noticed…like since launch there’s been this achievement notification on my dashboard that says something like revive a team mate…how’s that just there and we don’t even got that new mode yet man…like you’d think the new game would have the new mode to go with it.

We want halos ambitions to be playlists, maps, expandable things like forge, new experimental modes to halo…not cat ears, pineapple grenades and funky looking armor coatings…man I would have way preferred buying the game instead of it being f2p. Or at least make it like other games man…have some bare bones f2p version where you can upgrade to unlock the other suite of content, and then have an in game currency you get to use to purchase cosmetics, and a means to buy the in game currency for select cosmetics that make sense. Still having static rewards available only through in game feat unlocks.


To be fair, the people that create cosmetics and add them to the game are not the same ones that make gameplay updates.


Not an actual update to the game itself. But yeah, blog feedback or something.

I’m not anticipating an update to the game out of the gate tomorrow.

That’s impossible (well, extremely impractical) without Forge. Devs don’t just spend months making a map for a niche playlist.

Team Doubles would be 4 teams of 2, not a 2v2 playlist :thinking:

Cosmetics in the store are what will fund all future updates. That and occasional DLC (though its not known if they would charge for it or anything like that)

I’d like a more definite ETA on a BTB fix for a start.

Any other updates I expect to be about the next Tenrai Event that’ll probably include an official announcement and schedule of new playlists. Considering that there’s already leaks out there, they’ll probably just go ahead and just out and say it when and how they plan to introduce them.

Other than that maybe some more tweaking to the Progression and maybe acknowledgement to actual scaling back of the prices at the Store. I think the Mister Chief stuff ruffled a lot of feathers.

Wdym? Team doubles is 2v2 isn’t it? Everyone would say “hey let’s run some dubs” like team doubles. 2v2. Pretty much the same thing. 4 Spartans on the map, 2 on each team.

Halo 5 actually had some actual 2v2 maps, but then they changed it and put different settings and gave us 2v2 on the 4s maps.


Forge maps (no matter how good they) are almost never remotely as popular or as beloved as the actual dev maps, this is why Halo devs (with exception to maybe Reach) don’t just fill every playlist with dozens of them.

Team Doubles in Infinite is going to be 4 teams of 2 (like it was back in the old days)

To me its pretty pointless, if you have 1 other person with you run solo/duo in Ranked, if you are solo run FFA… So the playlist is ultimately like an 8v8 playlist would be Infinite, just no real purpose behind it.

You’re talking multi-team. “Team doubles” or “double team” is 2v2 (4 players total).


Maybe even the day after.
Not sure how the US does it, but in some countries, if a public holiday lands in the weekend, you generally get Monday off.

The point I’m making is just that we need more playlists and maps. When it comes to playlist name and what it consists of I think you’re wrong about doubles. Doubles literally means you and 1 other person. Not triple team. Not multi team. Doubles. 2v2. You may be confusing the name or something.

Solo duo Q is good for having 1 team mate or just yourself sure. Having the option for dubs would be awesome though. Who wouldn’t appreciate another playlis? For some players that was like their main playlist they played with that 1 really good friend they have.

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Yeah I was definitely wrong about the definitions lol. According to the leaks doesn’t seem as though double team is coming anytime soon.

Having more playlists doesn’t necessarily mean a better experience. Segmentating the population too drastically just makes all the problems people have been talking about (hit registration, Desync, Servers, Ranking system) worse. My personal philosophy is that I want there to be 15 playlists at max. I don’t support a 2v2 playlist any more than I support a 6v6 playlist or what have you.

Ranked should only have like 3 playlist (4v4, FFA, maybe Snipers) and social (which I would include Firefight or Warzone or a BR mode into this just for simplicity) should only have like a dozen. People want a dedicated playlist for every specific need or desire, but that’s impossible due to limitations of servers and its ability to put you in decent lobbies.

Edit: Customs are your friend. They are what is supposed to be used for when you want a very specific gametype/experience. MM will never match you own specific needs although it typically has at least 1 or 2 playlists that you like (my experience here)