What will Make Halo 4 epic.

Halo 4 should look like/better than Halo Reach and play like Halo 3.

Reach had great visuals, I personally wish they were a little more colorful at times.
-Halo 4 already looks amazing .
Halo 4 should play like Halo 3 in my opinion. Halo 3 felt like Halo to me.
-Based off of the videos we saw, movement, jump height, and strafe look correct thankfully.

The combination of these two would make Halo 4 perfect for me.
What about you?

I love the way reach looks and, for me, the colors were fine. I agree that a game that plays like Halo 3 and looks like Reach would be about as close to perfect as can be achieved right now. Thanks 343 :smiley:

I agree with op about the colours, they were a bit dull but from what we have seen with Halo 4 it looks very good in terms of colour and graphics

I think that Reach’s MP would be a better option in Halo 4 then Halo 3’s. Reach’s MP was fun, Halo 3’s was boring(Halo 3’s MP=Halo 2.5 MP). The Graphics in Halo 4 do look good, better than Reach’s(343 says that Halo 4 uses all of the 360’s horsepower).

Your opinion is showing.

Visuals should be upgraded everytime (unlike COD) and I think H2 had the best MM

The campaign. That’s the only thing that can be epic.

Just Master Chief being there makes it super epic!