What will happen when halo 4 comes out

Sorry if this feels like a troll forum this is just “I” think will happen.

I think that when halo 4 comes out people will complain about how much
it sucks and go back to halo reach.

It happens with all games, it happened to battlefield 3, skyrim , and MW3

I know it seems odd for me to say this because everyone thinks that halo reach
sucks now and some of you may be mad at me. But it always happens

PS: I am a halo veteran and Ive loved every halo game.

20% of people will do that the rest will love the game I think.

I’m going with 10% will stay with reach. Its not like when reach came out and a lot went back to halo 3. Reach had good ideas but they weren’t balanced properly that was one of the big reasons people went back to halo 3.

As with every Halo game, many will stay behind, but at least 85% of the community will move forward.

well first I will watch halo legends,and then i will be at the midnight release. Prior to this I will have put in a picture at safeway and had a cake made with a sweet halo 4 picture on it, and my friends and I will have ourselves a little halo party =)

When halo 3 came out I effn loved it and didnt go back to halo two until its last days. I still think -Yoink!- should have left Halo 2 servers live.

It’s simply impossible… Halo 4 won’t suck like Reach… IMPOSSIBLE!

> It’s simply impossible… Halo 4 won’t suck like Reach… IMPOSSIBLE!

We no nothing about what the game plays and feels like. For all we know Halo 4 could be the Phantom Menace of the Halo Series. We have to wait and see what the result is.

Well, assuming the game is worse than Reach, here’s a rule of thumb:

70% of the people will keep playing the game happily.
20% won’t like the game, but will still keep playing it.
9% won’t like the game and will go back to Reach.
1% of the people who don’t like the game, and aren’t going with the masses realise there is no place in Halo for them anymore.

When you’re on the bottom there’s only one place to go, and that’s up.

Reach = The Bottom

The pattern Halo has followed since Halo 2’s release:

Halo 2: “Wow, this game is so full of glitchers and modders. All Halo CE had was pistol whores. This game is good, but broken.”

Halo 3: “Wow, BR spread and Equipment ruin this game. At least all Halo 2 was perfect except for all the cheaters. This game sucks.”

Then Halo Reach:
“WOW! Bloom and AAs ruin this game. At least in Halo 3 it was just Spread and Equipment. This game REALLY sucks”