What were you doing before the shutdown?

I was having a pretty intense game of BTB CTF on Halo: Reach

When we returned to the lobby I noticed that non of us had our rank & then I knew, the great journey was over, it was an absolute honor to make memories on those games with all of you, thank you!


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Unfortunately I quit my lobby to find another one with hopefully someone else on the mic… only I couldn’t find another lobby :frowning:

Unfortunately I couldn’t play on the day the servers actually shut down but I did play quite a bit the night before, and my final match was with my brother on Halo 3 in social slayer (the map was boundless), just like the good ol’ days
What wasn’t like the good ol’ days?
I actually did better than my brother XD

Ofcourse been playing some real Halo 3 not that Reach Garbage lol

I was hopping to look for a new wireless adaptor for my 360 because I wanted to snag up some old modes I didn’t save because I’m gonna leave my 360 at the fire station so we have something to do between calls.

sadly i was work related away in a hotel , but i really didnt want to participate in that anyway , for me nothing changes because i play mcc.

my Xbox Live subscription sadly ran out a few days prior and i didnt notice at all, so i was just sitting there and watching OGHaloStreams on Twitch :frowning: