What weapons would you like gone and added to H6

Comment what you would like and wouldn’t like.

I’m not sure if this particularly fits into the Canon forums, but I would like to see all the weapons from halo 5 return. But also bring in weapons like the plasma rifle to be used in more abundance (not a huge fan of the storm rifle).

Keep the Railgun.

It would be funny and rather in the manner of trivia to see an old school but properly mutated high caliber revolver shooting some insane damage bullets, accurate only on short distance. It could be some response of rogue rebel factions facing opponents wearing Thors hammer armour, employed next to sniper rifles as staple armament, that is. The revolver could be named Jormungandr.

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> Comment what you would like and wouldn’t like.

Feel free to use one of the existing wishlist threads.