What weapons will the enemies of Halo 4 have?

obviously the covenant is done, and there will be new foes. what will they use?

unless they bring back the covenant saying they’re “remnants”

Well the weapons depend on the type of enemies. And by the looks of it, the planet John is landing on is made entirely of foreunner technology. Based on forerunner technology already in the halo games (Like those floating machine thingys in Halo 2-3) the weapons will be energy based and heat weapons. Idk thats just speculation

I’m sure Covenant weapons will be back, even if it’s just for multiplayer. Weapons like the Plasma Pistol have been with Halo since the beginning, so they have to bring them back or at least make Forerunner or even human versions of it. Maybe the Sentinels study Covenant weapons on that instalation and we will see them in Forerunner sructures troughout the game. I mean, we study foreign and more primitive cultures ourselves and we’ve already seen Sentinels studying the Flood.

I have an idea for a new weapon, it may be over powered, but its just an idea. How about, a covenant rocket launcher (like the fuel rod gun) with the plasma pistols charge and the massive EMP blast that shoots out. A covenant rocket launcher that dosen’t only blow things up, but EMP blasts vehicles. How cool would that be!!!

beam particles and laser-type weaponry, I believe

Guys, Covenant tech is solely based on Forerunner tech. Covenant weapons don’t HAVE to appear in Halo 4, because their are probably older, forerunner versions of each weapon in the Covenant arsenal. Also, I know it’s only fan-art, but the -Yoinking!- War Sphinx better be in Halo 4!

This is the only true forerunner weapon we can go by. And as already mentioned Covy tech is based off of Forerunner Tech so the weapons will be simlar to covies but I’m guessing more “steel” looking.

Also the Sentinals and Enforcers that are in this video will most likly be in Halo 4 if I had to guess.

Definitely going to be more energy-based beam weapons, it’s just the question is how much, in what new varieties, and if the Forerunners are really the enemy, and if not, is it the Precursors, and what weapons they may have, if they’re not the same as Forerunner weapons, or simply just Forerunner weapons.

Who knows? One of the many reasons why I am super excited for this game. I mean, another Halo, at this point? Many interesting things are going to happen.

Covenant weaponry will probably make a return. There probably will be covenant remnants too (If I’m not mistaken in one of the recent Halo novels, the Elites are going through a civil war because some elites still believe the forerunners were gods and that the Halos aren’t a weapon).

And like other users said, even if they don’t have covenant weapons, their weaponry is based on forerunner tech, so we’ll see prototype versions of the purple weapons we have all come to enjoy.