What weapons do you want to try?

Just curious, what weapons are you guys most interested in in Halo 5? I want to try out all the Promethean weapons since they all seemed to have been overhauled.

The ones that go pew pew pew

The pulse nade. Was fun when i figured out how to use them.
First gun will be one of the legendary weapons. There has to be a mode that thats all is what is on map.

That Promethean VTOL! Phaeton?

Plasma Pistol because I’ve yet to see it in action.

I want to get my hands on the Plasma Caster so bad. It looks to be a successor to the grenade launcher from Reach yet more deadly than a Brute Ahot when used correctly.

I will also check out the Automatic weapons and test the difference in kill-time, accuracy in Smart Scope and normal and difference in headshot vs body shot damage.

The plasma caster for sure.

The different variants of assault rifle, i wanna see how they work comapred to each other and other weapons

Any precision weapon. I’ll be playing a ton of warzone just so I can use them all.

My scoped AR from Best Buy along with the Light Rifle. The way they beefed that monster up is just amazing.

All of them. After I normal and legendary campaign, I’m headed to forge to test 'em

Glorious SMG. Always a nice backup weapon it is.