What weapons do you want to see in Halo 5?

Now that we know 343 is adding in the older weapons for Warzone and Forge. Let’s talk about what weapons we’d like to see back. Maye we’ll get lucky and 343 will see what’s most popular.
I’d like to see a return in the Brute weapons, and not just the Gravity Hammer.

I’d love to see all the brute weapons and vehicles back in Halo 5, but it would be kinda weird having the brute weapons when brutes haven’t been in a Halo game since Halo Reach. I really want the Brutes back in Halo 6.

A return of deployables like shields, mines, etc.

I’d love to have a classic Plasma Rifle. Maybe a Halo 1 magnum. Definitely some stuff from Halo Reach- The grenade launcher and plasma launcher would be great.
Also, if we get classic vehicle REQs, there’s a myriad of requests. In particular, the falcon and the revenant.

9mm, desert eagle upgrades for magnum or technine, and golfclubs

grenade launcher from reach

Really would like to see the classic SMG make an appearance.

Sticky detonator, maybe a brute shot but stronger than the older halo ones, Gravity hammer but that’s confirmed, Just mostly older halo weapons but I’m sure 343 is already doing that. Like they already put out a halo 2 br. Eh it’s whatever…

Plasma Rifle. I recall being so upset when I saw the Plasma Rifle wasn’t going to be in H4. It would be great if it came back!

Reaches grenade launcher.

Definitely the plasma rifle and brute shot

Golden Gun

Just Kidding lol.

Sticky Launcher from H4!

grenade launcher and sticky detonators would be nice hydra variants
and maybe design a faster-moving tank like the classic M808 or M808B. The M820 was said to be half the mass of the M808 variant, so if that’s the case why does it move slower!!!

id like to see the new rocket launcher permanently replaced with the SPNKR. they claimed the old rockets were obsolete in the halo world, thats the only reason they gave us for changing it. i would not be ok if they changed the sniper, and im not ok with them changing the rockets. change them back please

brute shot would be a welcomed anti-vehicle gun. i want to shoot some mongeese right into the air with that thing. i also want to brute punch some people.

plasma rifle has been replaced by the storm rifle in my opinion, but its ability to “freeze” opponents would be cool still and useful in certain situations.

id also like to see a return of a useful laser. as it is the spartan laser is only anti vehicle, and it often takes multiple shots to kill anything. it previous halos it was always a one shot kill to a banshee for instance, or a ghost. the only vehicles that could take two spartan lasers were a tank and a mantis (that i can remember) this made sense because of their armor. maybe im still just bad with the laser haha, but id like to see it buffed just a LITTLE.

Brute shot, Halo 1 Magnum, Halo 1 shotgun, just b/c of the amount of shells it holds