What Weapon/Vehicle would you like Next? V2

So far 343 has added in the SPNKR Rocket Launcher and the the Halo 2 BR. They have confirmed the Gravity Hammer is coming when Grifball drops. So what would you like to see next?

What I Would Like to See:

  • Revenant - Falcon - Concussion Riffle/Brute Shot (Pretty Much the Same Weapon) - Elephants (in a BTB or Warzone Map) - Copper - Silenced SMGs w/ Zoom Scope (From ODST) - Silenced Magnum (From ODST)What I Don’t Want to See:

  • Needle Rifle (New 3rd tier Carbine is basically a Needle Rifle) - Hornet (Phaeton Functions almost the Same way)