What weapon do you want to see in Halo Infinite?

I love some of the old weapons we used to have throughout the entire Halo series. Which would you like to see return?

Halo CE’s Needler (I love the multiple explosions you could get.)
Halo Reach Grenade Launcher
Halo Reach Plasma Launcher
Halo Reach Concussion Rifle
Halo Reach Needle Rifle
Halo 4 Sticky Detonator ( So many fun game types with this weapon)
Halo 4 Rail Gun
Halo 4 Saw
Halo 5 Hydra (It is way better than Infinite’s Hydra)

Those guns are actually in the files for infinite but it’s just the halo 5 design and they still function like they do in halo 5 just unfinished but I do think they should add the shotgun since even though it’s in the files for halo infinite it would be cool holding both shotgun and bulldog in a match and would be even fun to mess with in custom games or forge when it’s added