What Weapon Do You Recommend? DMR or BR?

I really would like to know which weapon is better? I tend to keep switching each gun while I am in a game because I am not satisfied with the kills I am getting. I have no idea which does good for me because I would say both are the same. But I have the BR for the most weapon Ive used for kills, than everyone is saying the DMR is OP. Would really like to know this as fast to improve in Halo. Thanks!

I’ve always preferred the BR. If your skilled enough, you might be able to dominate DMR users a lot of times, but it can work the other way around but it depends on the map. Large, open maps would be more of a DMR map, while small to medium sized maps tend to be more of a BR map.

I prefer the BR in BTB but that’s just for vehicles, I would rather use AR against Ghosts and such but they are to far away 75% of the time, so I use the BR because of ammo capacity.

Since you’re actually looking to improve, go with the DMR for sure.

That’s a quote of Frankie from 343 saying that if you’re good with the DMR, then it’s the obvious choice.

1 3 shot burst with the BR is equivalent to 1 shot of the DMR. You’ll be able to pump out more damage faster with the DMR.