what we want in halo xbox one

I would like to see human cortana, master chief coming close to death, elites on your side, changeable environment in forge (placing waterfalls, lakes, hills ect.) More guns, human Flying vehicles (falcon, hornet) big forge map with night, day, rain, or snow, new enemies, awesome story line, weapon drops (possibly vehicle drops) swimming, improved flood mode, improved multiplayer, more options in custom games, lowering your weapons and losing your waepons (better this time) and fire fight…that’s what I want.

It’s all cool apart from the “improved multiplayer” part. You should elaborate on that to make it as useful as you can. You need to let them know what it involves.

Same goes for the “improved Flood mode” part.

Op, please explain more what you mean by what you said, such as improved Flood mode.

And please, change the title from “What we want in Halo Xbox one” to “What I want in Halo Xbox one”

No disrespect but there is a difference for what you want and what the rest of us want

By improved flood mode I mean no teams, it needs to be free for all like reach and more options for flood in custom games…and for multiplayer, it needs more vehicles like the hornet or falcon, more assassination styles, you know things like that.

Oh and about human cortana, there has been a lot of rumors about it and I have looked closely in the halo 4 campaign and there is quite a bit of clues that point to that happening…but I don’t know.

What do I want in Halo Xbox ONE?

AUDIO VOLUME CONTROL, in the settings menu!
I don’t give two -Yoink- about “to much the music is to take away from the campaign, blah blah blah”, and the “It’s an Xbox game”, give me the ability to mute or adjust music, AI voice, Player voice, Background sounds, Sound Effects, and UI sounds.

new covenant flying vehicle.