What we need: Playlists

The lack of playlist selection is making this game so stale and boring. On top of the lack of maps, this game just feels extremely tiring and worn out only after 2 months. We need more playlists and forge maps in MP.

-Classic Playlist: AR and magnum starts, no custom loadouts, no killcams, no sprint, fixed weapon spawns, no instant respawn
-Rumble Pit: Regicide should be a gametype, not a playlist lol
-Team Objective: Remove oddball and CTF from the playlist hoppers and put them in here because they are GAMETYPES not PLAYLISTS. Add other gametypes such as assault, and one flag
-MLG: For all the hardcore kiddies
-Team Dubs: How many threads have you seen demanding this gametype already? Put it it.

Of course it would rule if there was a differentiation of ranked and social playlists. It would really bring back the fun and challenging edge to multiplayer and boost that horrible population we have right now back up. Rotational playlists are an extremely stupid idea, and dont keep the game fresh at all. The reason this game is stale is because there are no seperate gametypes or variations within playlists, and add forge maps. LISTEN TO US

pro playlist: no radar.2 loadouts with dmr or br, frags and normal shields. but with no AAs or packages. No drops. fixed weapon spawns.