What we need in H5, but will hopefully get in H6.

So this isn’t a hate 343i, anti-sprint, or anti Halo 5 post, so if you want that, go somewhere else. Still around, let’s get into it?
So if you are an avid Halo fan, as in you know a lot about the games, you probably know about all the ambition Bungie had for Halo 2. If you don’t that’s fine. Basically there was a lot that Bungie wanted to do with Halo 2, that they couldn’t do because of budget, resources, technology, whatever. Whole levels, enemies, vehicles, etc had to be cut from the game. Some Bungie employees even said that 1/3 - 1/2 half of the game had to be cut! Basically their ambition and vision could not be met. This is why H2 ends so abruptly, and if you watch the H2 E3 demo, most of it is cut from the actual game. Although the game was not finished in their eyes, it still did really well, and has gone down in many fans eyes as the best Halo. (Not in my opinion for Multiplayer at least.)

So… What I wish 343i did for H5 is meet the same ambition Bungie had. Even if they don’t meat it, I want them to completely go for the most and biggest game stuff they can. I liked Halo 4, but the Campaign was only 8 playable missions long… That sucks. I want a super long story, with all the goodies in-between. New enemies, weapons, vehicles, set pieces, events, etc! Even if they don’t achieve all that they want, I want them to try. Hell, my idea for Halo 5 consisted of 4 main playable characters, co-op teams, and 25 missions! Sorry, I may not be expressing this very clearly but I hope someone understands what I’m trying to say. If this game is only like 10 missions long, with not much fun areas, or mechanics I’ll be upset. They need to reach above and beyond, not settle for a small Campaign, with no variation.

I love the sprint because i find that that adds some dynamism.

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> I love the sprint because i find that that adds some dynamism.

Lol this guy.

OT I know what you’re saying. Bungie seemed to like what they were doing more. They appeared to be more passionate about the game without taking themselves too seriously, adding in comical pictures and references to all of their games. 343i may well be just as passionate, they just may not be expressing their passion as publicly as Bungie did.

But in short, I agree with you. I respect passion and would like to see more from the developers at 343i.

I just want the game to be the biggest Halo yet. So much going on, and so much new stuff from weapons, to vehicles, characters, and enemies.

I highly agree this NEEDS to be the biggest halo yet!

Halo 4 was running on a museum piece; hardly surprising it lacked depth. Guardians won’t suffer from this problem. The Xbone might not be a PC, but at least it wasn’t released in 2005.

Quality over quantity any day.