What we NEED and what we WANT

I see a lot of people saying “omg why didn’t you put this and that in the game omg so bad. omg”

What most people need to understand is that making a game isn’t just “this and that should be in the game” and boom it’s there. There are limited resources, limited time and limited money. With limited money you can only buy the lamborghini or the ferrari. You cannot have both (yet). It’s that simple.

343i is smart and understands that there is no possible way simply putting race, juggernaut, VIP, neutral CTF and so on into the game would actually impact it negatively overall. They simply asked themselves the following question:
"will putting resources into feature X benefit the game more than if we put them into feature Y"
and the answers to this question (a thousand times over) is what the game is today.
In another month, a month’s worth of resources will have been put into the stuff that was next on the list after all the stuff that was released with the game. Your missing game features will arrive.

Please, stop complaining about this and that not being put into the game. Yet. It’s still brand new, and 343i has made it clear that they made the game in a way that would allow them to patch in content in a much better way (not as limited as in Reach). They will also be changing matchmaking on a weekly basis.

If you really want this game to become better based on community feedback, you just need to make it clear what it is the community really wants. Try to be realistic. Don’t ask for 10 feature changes, when you really want feature 1 to be added, and feature 2-10 were just some other bonus stuff you came up with along the way that you thought maybe would be good for the game. Everything we suggest cannot be added into the game. Every day, a good game feature does not get implemented because the developers implemented another (not as good) feature. This is one of the biggest things we want to avoid.

Important: Making a list of features you want added into a game without weights on the individual suggested changes is not a good way to let the developers know what the community really wants and what is just a small bonus. Make it clear what is important

In my humble opinion, here are the three biggest problems the Halo playerbase are having right now:

  • As a player who has something like 10-20 online custom games played lifetime from Halo 3 to Halo: Reach, I actually believe what is most needed is bringing race back into Halo, as the playerbase of this gametype do not have their game experience worsened, but simply removed. They have nothing to play. There are a ton of players out there who simply do not buy the game, or did so but refunded it because there was no race gametype. This is in addition to the fact that most normal Halo players (myself included) thought it was a great addition to the game. Remember, this gametype is basically a racing game that is not as advanced as Forza or Gran Turismo, but more than makes up for that with the fact that you can make your own tracks, with tons of random stuff like man cannons etc. I bet there are tons of people who would say it would be worth it to pay a full game price just for the gametype race and being able to forge.

Fun gametypes like race, grifball and rocket race are really something I expected to be in the game at launch. The general Halo playerbase has always been less competitive and more about fun than most other games. This is what people like. The part of players who want to just be “pro” in games are a small minority. Currently though, there is not a single space in Halo 4 where you can 100% mess around like Action Sack was in H3 and H:R. Customs being kind of broken/unfinished do not help this cause.

  • The DMR pretty much affects everyone who plays Halo 4, in every single gametype but Flood. That means about 90% of the population (based on average playlist numbers).

I actually jumped into a forge game, and fired away for 10 minutes with the DMR and BR, in different ranges that were all pretty close to what is considered “mid-range”, which is designated the optimal range for the battle rifle, whereas the DMR is designated for “long-range”.

Basically, I killed a guy a couple of times firing perfect shots (no misses, and firing close to if not at optimal speed) with both the DMR and the BR. Noone firing back.

The DMR kill time at mid-range is significantly shorter than the BR kill time, assuming perfect aim. And in practice, it is actually easier to hit with 5 DMR bullets in a row than the first 13 of 15 BR bullets (perfect kill).

The DMR already has a longer effective range than the BR, so why on earth would the kill time be shorter? It simply does not make sense.

  • Games starting uneven are simply something that should not be happening, as the first 20 seconds of a game can often detemine the outcome (snowball effect). Leaving tremendously impacts this game, and only in a negative manner. People really need to think before they post on this matter, though.

Disabling join in progress would be the biggest worldwide downer since -Yoink!-. This is not a fix. The only bad impact join in progress has, is that it made the game not require a penalty for leaving. Leaving is the one and only root of this issue. If people did not leave games, we would not have uneven teams and we would not need join in progress.

Basically, when people leave a game because they are getting stomped, someone else will join that game. You are only pushing the problems over to someone else, worsening their experience (and significantly worsening it for the non-leavers on your team for the duration of when they are greatly outnumbered, before new people join), and slowing down the matchmaking system/server (because you increased the frequency of which you needed to be matchmade).

Possible solutions:

  1. Allow match forfeiting (at least 75% of a team’s votes needed to forfeit should be sufficient to account for possible AFKs). When one team is being stomped, honestly the match deserves to be forfeit because it means the matchmaking system did a bad job. There is a limit to how big the difference between teams should be. As long as that game continues there will be people on the stomped team who are not enjoying playing the game. No system you can possibly put into the game can fix that.

  2. Keep join in progress, and introduce small/medium leave penalties to at least make people stay out the game. It would probably make a huge difference even with something as small as not being able to join matchmaking for 450 seconds if you leave or disconnect from a game. This would almost always make it worthwhile to stay in a game rather than leaving in terms of both time spent playing and especially XP efficiency. This does of course mean that you will be staying in a game which you are not enjoying, but it is no worse than the current system overall because it will average out who are in those horrible games, instead of letting the leavers get away and shoving extra punishment onto the people who stay and try to put up a fight.

TL;DR Lolwut

TL;DR People need to stop asking for to much. Prioritize. There is no point in making a list.