What we need (and want) for Halo 5's Forge!

I’ll just start off with a list of things I personally want in Forge:

First off, Pallets.

  • Human Industrial, Halo 3’s foundry style forge pieces.- Human Civilian, sleek and smooth, like New Alexandria.- Stone Forerunner, Sandtrap and Delta Halo style.- Rusty Forerunner, the type of brown metal that much of Halo 2’s Forerunner structures had.- Clean Forerunner, Halo 1 style Forerunner. Silver and blue, yet old looking.- Traditional Covenant, original trilogy style Covenant, deep purples and reds.- Storm Covenant, Halo 4 style blues and architecture.
    The ability to have multiple pallets on a single map would also be fantastic.

Decorative items:

  • Human and Covenant crates, with the ability to put weapons inside those crates.- Barriers, specifically Covenant energy barriers.- Antennas, Human and Covenant.- Destroyed vehicles, would have the option to have them be on fire or not. Usable turrets on destroyed Warthogs would be great aswell as an option.- Dead bodies and blood.- Fire and water.- Placeable lights, not like the orbs we have now. Lightbulbs, lamps, that sort of thing.
    Those are a few things I would love to have in Forge, thoughts, suggestions?

SANDTRAP WAS MY FAVOURITE H3 MAP. Agree with everything you say. But add this, notice how H5 seems to forget dynamic elements they made such a fuss about for H2A, I mean not putting that in would be crazy since they were like DYNAMIC ELEMENTS OMG BUY NOOOOW you know?

Drivable Pelicans on BTB specific maps.

I want an increase of decorative and scenic based pieces, I want vines that drape down buildings, I want waterfalls that you can place, I want pools of water you can place. We need more of these types of pieces…

we do need destroyed vehicles and dead bodies to really set up detail, I want graffiti decals and stuff, a flyable pelican and phantom even if its unbalanced the community will find a way, cough cough the mantis.

dont keep things exclusive to multiple games like in the master chief collection, I want armour abilities, equipment, ordinance drops ect all in one forge as an option at least, same for vehicles, I want the chopper and the mantis in one forge mode.

I want more dynamic scenery, like smoke effects and fire effects.

I want buildings, especially the types in halo 3 ODST, no need for an inside just the outside shell, the design of them structures would really benefit for urban based maps.

I want to see placable grass hills, bushes, overgrowth, flowers, more trees.

I want to see a variety in forge canvasses like desert grassland snow ect.

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> Drivable Pelicans on BTB specific maps.

That’s a really good idea. That would be cool if they extended the player cap in BTB lobbies to 16 vs 16 so that you could fill an entire pelican with a team of people