What was your most memorable moment of the previous Decade?

I ask you Halo Waypoint Community a question that although is incredibly hard to explain in short-detail but please try to bare with me.

Out of the total ten years of Halo, out of all the Custom Games, Machinima, Gameplay, Forge, Theater, Fan Art, Campaign, Matchmaking, Roleplay, Community, Firefight and all the other amounts of stuff that one can pull off, What was YOUR most memorable moment of the entire decade. Something that you can never get out of your head. Something that makes you bring a tear into your eye everytime you think about it. Something that you want to cherish for the rest of your breathing moments.

Let’s share amongst ourselves shall we? :slight_smile:

My Most Memorable Moment:

5-6 Years Ago, me and two of my friends “Mr Pwnage and LargeExponent” sat looking at the visage of Gemini after Sword-Glitching out. I was talking to them about how I never wanted the Halo 2 days to ever end and they agreed. We wanted to stick-by and face against any ridicule of our entertainment. I told them that in the future, I wanted to make a popular Halo Video. One where I was able to be myself and people would enjoy it because it was what I felt like doing. They supported me all the way and I felt happy. That was 5-6 Years Ago during 2005-2006.

In the future years of 2012, I lost touch with them when Halo 3 came out. Now that Halo Anniversary was released, I was able to fulfill my promise to those two. To create a Halo Video that was loved and I loved making. Wings of Equilibria will always be a memorial of the fulfilled promise I made.

Everytime I think about the memories I had on Halo 2, I cry everytime wishing that I could go back. All I can do now is move on I suppose…

i still remember the first time i played Halo. at the time, i was totally oblivious to videogames, so i didnt know what it was, i just knew it was fun. i was at a friends house who only had the coolest games. im not sure if it was CE or H2, but i wannt say H2 because it was around 2003-05. we were playing on one of the following maps

Blood Gulch/Coagulation
Battle Creek/Beaver Creek

i just know that i loved it. i never played halo since then for a while, until i rediscovered it at another friend’s house. after that, i fell in love with the game, and bought an xbox just so i could play Halo.

Whenever I think Halo I always think about Master Chief in Halo 2, “giving the covenant back their bomb”. I think that that’s the first moment that Halo really stuck with me and the first time I played that campaign will probably be my fondest memory of Halo.